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Alabama 49, Auburn 0: Postgame quotes

Gene Chizik and Auburn players discuss the Tigers' worst loss since the Iron Bowl series resumed in 1948.

John David Mercer-US PRESSWIRE

Head coach Gene Chizik

Opening statement:

"Obviously, that was a very disappointing and embarrassing loss to our in-state rivals. It was obvious to everybody. It was a sad performance and the Auburn fans and the Auburn alumni don't deserve that. We did all the classic things in a football game that you can't do and expect to win. We just got beat. We weren't very efficient offensively, we certainly weren't very efficient defensively and special teams we were very sporadic as well. Again, a very poor performance."

On influence of the rivalry on the outcome:

"We've got to coach better. We've got to play better. They just soundly beat us tonight. That's it."

On if the program is as bad as the play indicates:

"It's up to the eye of the beholder. There's times when we've played well. There's times when we've played extremely poor. Again, that goes back to us coaching better and us playing better."

On what positives can be taken from the season:

"There weren't many. I think we have to go back and really look at it and see what positives we can pull out of it. Any time you're in a 3-9 season, it's really hard to tell you, ‘I can think of a lot of positives' because there just weren't many."

RB Tre Mason

On getting beat:

"It's really frustrating, but we dug ourselves into a hole. Next year, we just have to put the pieces to the puzzle together."

On if there was any quit in the team or if the talent gap was just that wide:

"I don't think there was any quit. That was a well-coached team and they're really good. We lost to a really good team."

MLB Jake Holland

On having a legitimate chance coming into this game:

"Yes, of course, we practice to win every week. We had a good game plan going in and we were confident. We just didn't get it together."

On what needs to change in Auburn's football program:

"We need to win, it's plain and simple. It's obvious, but as far as a player's perspective, each player needs to complete their assignments. We need to come together as a team in the offseason and get faster and better."

On VanGorder taking over as the defensive coordinator:

"I really like his defense and it is a good system. Any time a coach comes into their first year with a new system its tough, but we took it on and we are going to get better with it over the year"