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Auburn coaching rumors: Jimbo Fisher comments on his candidacy

Jimbo Fisher threw out some tried and true lines when discussing his rumored candidacy at Auburn.


Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher has been one of the hottest names linked to Auburn's head coaching vacancy. Long before Gene Chizik was fired, many speculated Fisher would be the next man in charge at Auburn. On Monday, Fisher addressed those rumors on a Florida radio show:

"Rumors are funny things. The guys that get rumored, those are the guys that never get the job," Fisher said. "I am very happy at Florida State. We are building something here. We are doing great things. We are on the verge of being a very special program. I am very happy at Florida State and content to be here. If they continue to have me, I am very happy to be here."

The old "I'll be here as long as they'll have me" line gets thrown around a lot by head coaches linked to other jobs, and Fisher obviously follows the trends. He spoke highly of Florida State, but he didn't flat out deny that he would listen to other offers.

One of the reasons some Auburn fans feel Fisher is ready to bolt for the Plains is his perceived unpopularity with the Florida State fan base. Fisher actually mentioned Seminole fans when talking about FSU's recent loss to Florida and the current national landscape:

"There's only one fan base and only one group that is totally happy right now and that's Notre Dame."

Clearly, that's a pretty innocent comment, but those who are convinced that Florida State fans are sick of Fisher will take this quote as proof. And Fisher is right: Every fan base has its share of detractors. It seems unlikely that a majority of fans in Tallahassee are ready to push their coach out the door.

Whether or not Fisher is a serious candidate at Auburn is still uncertain. It's possible that he is using interest to leverage a raise at Florida State, and Auburn Undercover's Phillip Marshall reports ($) that Bobby Petrino's stock is rising. Nevertheless, if he's not the odds-on favorite, we're still willing to bet Fisher is one of the front runners.