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Auburn coaching rumors: Who do you think the Tigers should hire?

Plenty of candidates have been named as potential replacements for Gene Chizik. Who do you think Auburn should hire?

Bobby Petrino's name is heating up.
Bobby Petrino's name is heating up.
Wesley Hitt

The rumors on Auburn's coaching search have run wild and rampant. Old names like Bobby Petrino and Jimbo Fisher, and new names like Gary Patterson and Chris Petersen have been linked to the job. With so many options, who would a majority of Auburn fans prefer to see in orange and blue?

Vote for your pick of Auburn's next head coach below, and feel free to share your why you believe in your candidate in the comments section. If you select "other," tell us who you'd like to see hired and why. We're only listing candidates that have been mentioned in the last few days or seem to have a legitimate chance. If you think we're missing someone who may get the job, let us know.

And who do you think Auburn will hire? Is it the same person you want to see on the Plains? We're interested in that, too.

These are wild times for Auburn. Let's hope Jay Jacobs and co. can make the right decision -- whatever it may be.