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Auburn coaching rumors: Jimbo Fisher mentions timetable to hire new DC at FSU

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher says he is making plans to find Florida State a new defensive coordinator.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher recently lost defensive coordinator Mark Stoops to the head coaching job at Kentucky. After the Seminoles' practice Tuesday, Fisher discussed a possible timetable for hiring a replacement:

"We will start that next week," Fisher said after Tuesday's practice. "I will look at my list and see what's out there and make a decision. I know what my process is going to be, but I haven't had time to think about it."

That should be interesting to Auburn fans, because if Fisher is making plans to hire a new defensive coordinator, he probably isn't making plans to take the head coaching job at Auburn. Of course, it's possible that Fisher is just saying the right things in Tallahassee, and that he's still in serious talks about making a move to the Plains.

As of Wednesday morning, Fisher was still being listed as a potential leading candidate at Auburn, but based on his recent quotes and the rising stock of Bobby Petrino, it seems as though his candidacy may be slipping. As always, that could change at any moment.