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Auburn coaching rumors: Charlie Strong speaks out on reported interview

Louisville head coach Charlie Strong dismissed the report that he has interviewed for the Auburn job, but he didn't exactly deny his candidacy.

Rich Schultz

Louisville head coach Charlie Strong addressed the report that he has interviewed for the vacancy at Auburn, according to Frankly, Strong wasn't too pleased:

"It was a distraction for our program. It was a distraction for our fans," Strong said late Friday after the win. "It was testing me. I am trying to get a football team ready to go play, and I am chasing another job so I am not taking care of the job I have? Then I don't have the respect of the players. When they respect me and they do everything I ask them to do, and then all of a sudden I am going to turn my back on them and go interview for a job two days before a big game? Come on, seriously?"

Strong went on to voice his displeasure with the reporter that broke the story and brushed off the report. Although, he didn't exactly flat-out deny his candidacy at Auburn:

"Anytime a reporter can make a statement or write any type of information about someone, you have to be held accountable, just like we are held accountable for our job," he said. "So if you are going to make that statement, go get your source. I'd like to know who your source is. I am trying to get a football team ready to go play Rutgers. That's all I'm concerned about. I have a job. I don't need to go chase jobs. I have a really good job."'s Charles Goldberg reported the alleged interview Wednesday evening, roughly 24 hours before Louisville's de facto Big East title game against Rutgers, and Strong quickly denied it. The Cardinals went on to defeat the Scarlet Knights, 20-17, on Thursday and essentially clench a spot in a BCS game, most likely the Orange Bowl.

Auburn's coaching search has been quiet over the past two days. While Strong seems to be in the mix, Bobby Petrino and -- possibly -- Jimbo Fisher still appear to be the odds-on favorites. However, it's possible an unnamed candidate could emerge, just like in 2008 when Gene Chizik came out of nowhere to get the job.