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Reuben Foster decommits from Auburn

When Gus Malzahn announced that Trooper Taylor would not be back next season, we knew this recruiting class would take a hit. Reuben Foster appears to be the first casualty.


New Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn made a bold move by releasing Trooper Taylor, but it will likely result in some defections from the 2013 recruiting class. The first one is big: five-star linebacker Reuben Foster.

Foster was originally an Alabama commit, but he changed allegiances back in July. His commitment was so sincere, he almost immediately got a large tattoo of the Auburn logo on his forearm. In hindsight, perhaps Foster should have gotten a tattoo of Taylor's face, as it appears he was much more committed to the former Tigers assistant coach.

Foster is a native of the Peach State, and Georgia is considered to be the new favorite for Foster's services. However, if Taylor quickly lands another job in the SEC, that school would likely have a fine shot at landing the commitment from 6'2, 228-pound player.

It's best to get used to this sort of news. With Taylor, Auburn's top recruiter under Gene Chizik, gone, we'll see more of this. Hopefully, Malzahn's staff will be able to bring a few decommits back into the fold.