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Friday Ramblings

In all of the discussions about our conference, and its new members, we have heard opinions from us fans, as well as sportscasters. Seems the politics of it all has brought out the professional politicians, to weigh in on their thoughts and even their efforts to sway membership for their school, into one of the four big conferences

One such case is the West Virginia Mountaineers. United States Senator Joe Manchin tried to lobby membership for WVU into the SEC. He even enlisted the help of his friend Nick Saban.

"I thought we could have been in the SEC," Manchin said. "I talked to my dear friend Nick Saban about that, and, like me, he said, 'I would like West Virginia in the SEC,' and we were working toward that."

That effort proved unsuccessful, though no one talked publicly about it last fall.

"They chose Missouri instead, and then you never heard a thing else about it," Manchin said.

Manchin’s relationship with Saban dates back to the days that the three-time BcS champion coach was an assistant under Frank Cignetti Sr. at WVU in the late-70s. Even the power of persuasion Saban possesses, however, wasn’t enough to get his home-state school into the most powerful football conference in the country.

John Taylor of College Football Talk has an entertaining piece on this story HERE.

TCU Football players involved in drug ring....

In another black eye to college football, a scandal has been evolving in Fort Worth, Texas. This time a drug ring involving at least 17 students, including four football players.

"There are days people want to be a head football coach, but today is not one of those days," coach Gary Patterson said in a prepared statement. "As I heard the news this morning, I was first shocked, then hurt and now I'm mad."

Read more:

This is from the Star-Telegraph, a Fort Worth paper

The players arrested are linebacker Tanner Brock, the team's leading tackler during the 2010 Rose Bowl season; defensive lineman D.J. Yendrey; offensive tackle Tyler Horn; and safety Devin Johnson, according to affidavits.

Read more here:

Tanner Brock was an honorable mention All-American last season. When he was working one one of his deals with an undercover officer he mentioned that 82 players failed the recent surprise drug test. Whether he was telling the truth or not is anyone's guess.

TCU Police Chief Steven McGee released this statement.

"There is no doubt that all of those arrested today are drug dealers," McGee said at a Wednesday morning news conference. "They sold drugs to undercover officers. They dealt on all levels, to students and nonstudents. They would sell to anyone, but our primary focus was those who were dealing to TCU students."

Read more here:

Read more here:

Bigger is better....

In an informal interview this week, Auburn defensive coordinator Brian VanGorder touched on a few topics that we have been discussing here at TET.

**On wanting bigger linebackers -- starting with middle linebackers -- VanGorder said "bigger is better" though he added he's not a "profile coach."

VanGorder acknowledged that newcomer 6-foot-3, 233-pounder Cassanova McKinzy would fit that mold.
We expect that Willie Martinez will be officially announced as new defensive backs coach at anytime, though it may happen before this goes to post.

there's more after the jump...

An Auburn Legend, finally....

At next month's SEC Championship basketball tournament, an Auburn great will be recognized for his contributions to SEC basketball, and his name rarely appears on most blog posts as an Auburn legend.

Chris Morris will finally get that recognition for his playing days while at Auburn.

Ask anyone who has been Auburn's best round ball players and you will hear names like Barkley, and the Person brothers. You will even hear a mention of Chris Porter, which is usually followed by "such a waste of talent". referring to his off the court antics once he left Auburn.

Morris was a 4 year player at Auburn, from 1984 through 1988. An All-SEC selection his final two years. He was picked 4th in the NBA draft.

Congratulations Chris, and War Eagle!

Comment of the week...

This weeks choice is a statement of angst, against all the conference expansion tearing apart traditional football rivalries. The winner is Audadday with this gem.

Hell with Bama-Lets move EAST

I say the best solution is to be in the East. We play all of our traditional rivals(except Bama). I agree with the previous posts. Who needs Bama. If we stay in the West our schedule will consist of Ark, Miss. St., Ole Miss, LSU, Mizzzou and A&M with the East rotating teams. That does not sound as good to me as UGA, Tenn, Fla, S.C., Vandy, and Kentucky with the West rotating teams. Staying in the West preserves only one traditional rival (Bama) at the expense of all our other true rivals. We recruit primarily in the states of Florida, Georgia and Alabama and I expect most of our fan base is not located west of the Alabama border. Travel would be easier for the fans and the games would be more meaningful. We probably end up playing Bama 5 out of 10 years in the SEC Championship game anyway.

even though Missouri is currently in the Eastern Division, Audaddy gets his point across. AU does not belong in the Western Division.

My Take....

There are so many wrongs perceived in this whole conference expansion subject. We the fans, are overlooking the fact that most Universities must ensure their financial stability first and foremost. I am going to be drawn and quartered for this, but I am in favor of the SEC maintaining it's edge, and subsequent "leg up" on the rest of the college football world, but not at the cost of the other student athletes at each each of our schools.

We are the standard bearer in many sports that are not football, but rely on the financial windfall that our football programs create. I will remind you of the AU swimming and diving teams umpteen consecutive SEC titles, and 7 National titles. That sport could never fund its self. Neither could baseball, basketball, softball, and so on. That is a dilemma that is not solely an Auburn one. Very few basketball programs across the country are self sufficient. I would say that zero of the Olympic sports teams generate enough money to pay for themselves.

Without getting into the entire "student athlete" debate, we still must not overlook the impact that a successful football program has on the entire scope of intercollegiate sports. That success starts with a strong conference. Texas A&M and Missouri ensures that the SEC remains the strongest conference in the country. A stronger SEC, inherently means a stronger Auburn. Isn't that what we all want?