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Link: The Sad Story of Mr. Penny

Johnny Richmond, "Mr Penny"
<em>photo courtesy of</em>
Johnny Richmond, "Mr Penny" photo courtesy of

Who is Mr. Penny? He's simply one of Auburn's most famous, passionate and influential fans. Known for his push-ups, signs and passion for Auburn athletics, Johnny Richmond has worked for Auburn City Schools for 37 years and has become a beloved figure of generations of students. His attitude and influence in Auburn have made him a local celebrity.

However, his push-ups and signs have been the last thing on anybody's mind the past two days. He was taken to the hospital after he was found with what are believed to be self-inflicted gunshot wounds, and since then there's been conflicting reports on if he's dead or if he's alive. The latest report is he is still alive but is in critical condition. As I'm typing this, he is alive. You're in our prayers, Mr. Penny.

Here is the latest update on Mr. Penny.