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AUsome Links: Cam Newton, Tommy Tuberville and Basketball in T-Town

- NFL Rookie of the Year and Auburn legend Cam Newton was recently back on the Plains. He visited children, took pictures with fans, visited the football complex on several occasions and even had a bite to eat at Niffer's with new QB Zeke Pike. That's funny... I was told Cam Newton was done with Auburn and had left the school and city in his rearview mirror... As the article says, I guess some people never get tired of being quieted by Cam.

- Tommy Tuberville hasn't exactly been like Pitbull as of late. He is not, by any means, having a "real good time." Instead, he's been sued for fraud. This is on top of the investigation into his wife involving the death of someone she had a wreck with back in November. Since the Riverboat Gambler's left Auburn and made his home in Lubbock, he's had some major issues, the least of which is the Red Raiders' lack of wins.

- Another long, painful season of Auburn Tiger basketball is winding down, as the Tigers play their final road game of the season, visiting Coleman Coliseum to take on the Crimson Tide. In a year that was supposed to mark significant improvement for the basketbal team, they've really underperformed considering the talent we all know is there. There is no reason a team should shoot that poorly when they have that kind of talent. Nonetheless, Auburn visits Tuscaloosa to face an Alabama team that will likely make the NCAA Tournament. It also doesn't help that Auburn's won 4 games in their last 40 trips to Tuscaloosa. Ouch.