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Friday Ramblings: Moving On

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War Eagle everyone,

Today we find ourselves in relative limbo. The sad realization that there will be very little actual football news until spring practice opens, and preparations are made for the annual A-Day game.

Not to worry, we here at Track Em Tigers are going to be providing you with comprehensive, and detailed information about your Auburn Tiger football team, along with improved coverage of Auburn's "Spring Sports" as evidenced by ATM's posts earlier TODAY.

It's been an exciting week that has led up to this and we have several items to discuss today, so let's just get to them.

Shon Coleman....

No matter if you are an Auburn fan or not, this story is gratifying in so many ways. Auburn people can be proud of their coach and of their school for sticking to their commitment with the Coleman family.

Should he complete his journey back and one day take his place the field, the first time his name is called over the public address system Jordan Hare Stadium may not be able to hold the thunderous roar of joy that will shake its foundations.

It's okay, go ahead and cry.

Miami Hurricanes....

Right about the time that Al Golden found out about the pending troubles at the University of Miami, things started to parallel what we Auburn fans have lived with for quite some time now. The wolves were scratching at the door. Recruiting was going to be an uphill climb to be sure.

Recruiting against rival football coaches and other schools would have been the easy part. Al Golden was recruiting against rumors and lies, too.

Read more here:

To be sure, Al Golden was walking in the footsteps of Auburn's coach Chizik. The exception is that Chizik and Auburn knew they were clean. A luxury not afforded to Golden.The parallel ends there.

The full story, which can be read HERE, goes on to say

" He was recruiting against all those dirty headlines wrought by disgraced booster Nevin Shapiro. And against that invisible monster with sharp teeth: The looming, likely NCAA penalties.

Read more here:

Kudos to Al Golden and his staff for pulling in what rates as the nations 9th highest recruiting class.

Alabama, Georgia, and Florida, and Florida State, all used negative recruiting tactics against Auburn. It wasn't limited to just them either.

When Dorial Green-Beckham and his family visited Auburn, they returned home to tweets, and internet message board comments, of "Money Grabbers". Thing is, the Beckham family ruled out Auburn because of the distance away from home. The same reason they ruled out Alabama. It's a lengthy read, and by one of the scummiest scumbags on GOD's green earth, But here is the LINK.

Georgia wants it's "Fulmer Cup" back....

This really isn't funny. Quite the opposite, it's sad, and frustrating to hear that any student athlete would be so ignorant and selfish as to do something like this.

Two players, freshman players, defensive back Nick Marshall and wide receiver Sanford Seay, have been kicked off the team, Marshall and Seay reportedly stole from teammates.

Theft is theft, but from your own team mates? C'MON MAN!

Comment of the week....

For the sole reason of sunshine pumping, happy people everywhere are going to like this. This weeks winner is OL_Coach

"This turned out to be a very solid

Recruiting class. I like that this staff swings for the fences on big name recruits. You will miss a few at times, but it’s how you build a top notch program. Factor in the FB transfer, who is not counted in the recruiting rankings, and this is a top 10 class. It also puts us very near the 85 scholarship mark."

CapnVegetto, I hope you don't mind that I have a little fun with your phrasing of my slant on things pertaining to Auburn. I do miss your comments, and posts.

My take....

The old rule of thumb in recruiting was, that a school would see a significant bump in recruiting, a year after winning the BCS. That doesn't apply very well today, regardless of how many times you read it in the reports of the state media.

In today's world, we have instant news, instant communication, and instant gratification. What happened a month ago is seen as old news.

Last year's recruiting class was the bump in recruiting for AU. Gene Chizik understands this. This 2012 class was meant to build quality depth. That was accomplished. Call it swinging for the fences, or landing some big fish, or whatever you want to, Auburn won way more than they lost. Some of those wins were committed early in the process, so they don't get the media's attention on signing day. Too bad, the real news is, AU wins again!


Diamond decision from Jon McNamara on Vimeo.