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Post (Traumatic) NSD Thoughts

Just a few quick thoughts while I get my head together coming out of one chaotic but still satisfying recruiting season:

If conventional wisdom on the recruiting habits of Nick Saban are true, why can't anyone have success being the anti-Saban? It doesn't seem that hard: four-year deals if you make grades and stay out of trouble versus one-year contracts, no history of fraudulent medical dismissals, immediate scholly instead of a gray shirt, followed by a red shirt, and almost instant playing time? Aren't people supposed to trust a man's word or is the audience not really that tuned in?

I checked. Total scholarships allowed by FBS institutuions is still 85 max and 25 new signees a year. How convuluted is our process if that's so hard to remember?

Trooper Taylor being named to the list of best recruiters three straight years and five times in his career is no surprise to many of us. All you have to do is pay attention to the way many fanbases deride him as a clown and a cheerleader to know they're getting their clocks cleaned by him and his towel.

New Auburn recruit Cassanova McKinzy could probably ink an endorsement deal from Chick-fil-A right now if such things were allowed. After blowing up the message boards last week with college town fast-food preferences supposedly helping to sway his decision, I say right now we nickname him the Chick-fil-A kidand see how much mileage we can get from it. Maybe he'll get some playing time in the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game and I'll get a big "I told you so" moment.

West Virginia is backing out of a game next year with FSU because of their conference switch-up and the Noles are threatening to sue. I wonder if they'll give them the 'Auburn' treatment after the Bowden-less Tigers attempted to negotiate what was ostensibly a mutual decision back in 2000 but got vilified by the FSU administration and Bobby Bowden in particular, threatening to have the whole ACC agree not to play us in any sport. Yea, we're still waiting on that bowl match-up, Seminoles.

Auburn fan favorite writer Mark Schlabach has his way-to-early preseason top 25 list and the Tigers are no where to be found. Can't say I necessarily disagree with him at this point before spring practice, but there's no reason why we can't keep the hate going.

From the fish out of water department, I thought Boise playing in the Big East and West Virginia playing in the Big 12 would be the biggest shockers this coming season, but it looks like Boise won't get their shot until 2013, as originally planned. I'll get dollars to donuts that it will be years being the Broncos win the Big East to automatically qualify and by that time there will be no guarantees that conference will still be on AQ status.Purgatory Conference, anyone? For all the malcontents trying to find a permanent home, we offer a temporary one that acknowledges that fact more so than joining un-related teams clear across the country.

I'll catch you next week.