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About Last Night....

The thread I did last night concerning the female LSU kicker has been removed by SB Nation, not by TET. For those politically correct types who voiced your complaints, you have been rewarded. I'm not a Rush Limbaugh level scalp, but a scalp nonetheless. For those of you who enjoy satire that occasionally pushes the edge, you just got chop-blocked.

This satirical piece was identified as such in the first line. For those of you that have frequented this site for longer than the last 16 hours, you should know that I occasionally delve into such. The very essence of a blog is to push the envelope with content and to create an atmosphere where the reader can also engage in dialogue. That's good because otherwise it might all turn to mush. To those who voiced opposition within that thread, I respect that. It's the reason that comment section is there.

But might I suggest that everyone take a deep breath and relax. I'm proud of the content that this site produces and I'm even prouder of how we police this site and keep the discourse civilized. What I have a problem with is censorship. You never have to agree with anyone else's opinion on this blog, but I hate when that option is removed from the equation. I was perfectly content to take any flack within these confines without interference from corporate, but that is no longer the case, so we will let it be.

Thanks for reading.