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Friday Ramblings: Spring Break Primer

There are several things for us to discuss this week including the start of the NCAA basketball tournament known affectionately as "March Madness".

The good works of Lee Ziemba....

The former Auburn lineman and other Carolina Panther football players, along with Head Coach Ron Rivera spent some off time spreading cheer among some special Panther fans at Levine Children's Hospital.

Pulling for the trees....

In this story from our friends at The War Eagle Reader, we learn that the Oaks at Toomer's Corner are "not out of the woods, yet". They have a full length video of the press conference concerning our precious Oaks. Browse around while you are there, they do great work.

Trial date reset....

The infamous "al from Dadeville" tree poisoner, and extreme Alabama football fanatic, has had the new date set for the trial stemming from the poisoning of the trees at Toomer's Corner.

Judge Jacob Walker III ordered the new court date Wednesday at the Lee County Justice Center after Updyke's attorney filed a motion with the Court of Criminal Appeals to have Walker recuse himself.
Walker's decision on a new court date followed a round of private conversations between Updyke's attorneys and prosecutor Robbie Treese.

I hope the timing of this hasn't lessened the severity of the punishment this person receives. I can not help but believe ol' al gets a benefit from the news that there are some positive signs the trees are looking better, if not actually getting better.

Spring practice....

Joel Erickson has done a really nice job of evaluating the SEC teams as they head into the spring practice period. Below is a taste of what he says about Auburn.

Pressing question: An open quarterback battle has become an annual rite of spring at Auburn, a team that used three passers in 2011. First-year offensive coordinator Scot Loeffler will hold an open competition and try to find a solid starter from a group that includes Clint Moseley, Kiehl Frazier and early enrollee Zeke Pike.

Read more here:

The trip over there is worth your while.

Comment of the week....

This week the winning comment came during the post concerning anew SEC schedule proposal. Many here voiced approval for this idea, and the one I chose as the best was by aubiece.

SEC needs their long time rivalry games

I like it.
The East / West was good for 12 teams, with 14 not so much.
To sacrifice AU-Ga, UT- Bama on the alter of TV revenue borders on ludicrous.
And to wait for years to see the opposite div. teams with 8 game SEC schedule is also beyond the pale.
9 game SEC schedule would make UF, USC and Ga. never be able to schedule anything but cupcakes for the other 2 games, very unfair to those schools.

My take....

I am awaiting spring practice to start soon. I have never been in more need of actual football discussion, than at any time since I joined the staff here at TET.

As the Track Em Tigers site master for twitter, I don't mind telling you I had a rough week. One I hope to never revisit. Through it all you learn, and grow, or it eats you inside like a cancer. Before any of you jump to conclusions, I have lost both of my parents to different forms of cancer, so yes I have first hand knowledge of what I speak.

What many of you don't know is that I am living a dream here at TET. I have always been an Auburn fan, since I started understanding college football, and it was only deeply reenforced the first time I set foot on campus as a high school student.

TET gave me an opportunity that no one else had. A chance to write about my passion, and interact with other fans, all while discussing the school/sports of my dreams. I really enjoy doing this. There is ZERO money paid for this, just pleasure.

The pleasure will never leave me when I talk about my beloved Auburn, I hope that I am able to continue this for a long, long time.