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Friday Ramblings: Recruiting perspective

Recruiting adjustments....

The signing of Valor High prospect Alex Kozan has changed the recruiting dynamic for the 2013 class. How can signing one guy create a change in future recruiting? I am so glad you asked that. I'll attempt to answer that for you, after I preface my thoughts with this statement, "As things stand right now".

Who knows what the future holds, but as long as things remain relatively the same as they are right now, Auburn will only have about 13 scholarships available for the 2013 class, and 3 or 4 scholarships to back date to this class. Remember, Coach Chizik not only has to keep an eye on how many prospects he signs each season, but also the NCAA mandated limit of 85 total scholarship athletes on the roster on August 1st each year.

I hate to beat this dead horse, but I have to, in order to fully explain the situation Auburn faces in relation to that 85 number limit. Blame this on whomever you please, but the fact remains that Auburn only has 15 Seniors on the entire team heading into 2012, and couple of them are walk-ons. So, 13 actual scholarships will be available from graduation, and whatever other type of attrition happens, will add to that.

I will give you my best guess of what spots Auburn tries to fill with this upcoming class. Your comments and suggestions are welcome in the thread.

Quarterback - 1 maybe 2

Offensive line - 2 maybe 3

Running Back - 2

Wide Out/ TE - 3 maybe 4

Defensive Line - 4 maybe 5

Linebacker - 3 maybe 4

Defensive backs 3 maybe 4

That gives us a total of 18 maybe 24. I will say that I do not believe Coach Chizik will sign 24 players. That would mean that someone that has a scholarship, would be forced to give it up for an incoming player. You can forget that ever happening while Chizik is at Auburn.

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Another test for Jay Jacobs....

With the news of the retirement of Nell Fortner, Jay Jacobs is faced yet again, with finding a coach for one of Auburn's athletic programs. Though Jacobs stated that the search would begin immediately, my guess is that any actual discussions would probably wait until the end of the season.

But where will Jacobs turn to find a quality coach that can put Auburn back into the post season? Surely Nell Fortner has some very good assistants. Maybe he searches for another WNBA coach to come Auburn.

Mr. Jacobs has done extremely well in finding Coaches for some of our other programs. Bringing in such notables as Tony Barbee- Basketball, John Pawlowski- Baseball, and Jeff Graba- Gymnastics to name a few.

One thing is for certain, Jay Jacobs will go about this task without fanfare, and without any time constraints. That's the way I would prefer he tackle this challenge. Choose wisely Mr. Jacobs, we love our Women's Basketball program.

Speaking of Basketball....

The Tigers Men's team lost another player to injury. This time against Arkansas, at home with around 17 minutes remaining in the game, Allen Payne suffered a torn meniscus in his left knee, ending his season. Although he continued playing until the end of the game, even dunking the ball at one point.

His injury was surgically repaired by the renown Dr. James Andrews. Payne is expected to be back fully healed and healthy for next season.

Comment of the week....

There were literally hundreds of quality comments this week to choose from, what with our topics ranging from Nell Fortner's retirement announcement to college football playoffs. The choice was a difficult one to make. However, I can only choose one, and this weeks winner is GooseND.

Notre Dame tried to join the big 10 several times from 1900 – 1940s, and was denied, even after winning several titles, because they were a catholic school, specifically by Michigan coach/AD Fielding Yost. That’s not me playing a victim, in the 20s/30s there was a ton of anti-catholic sentiment. But beyond that Yost refused to schedule us, and called for all of the big 10 to ban scheduling us in all sports (this is documented) although unsuccessfully. thus we did not play them again until the 80s.
On Ohio St, after the 1935 game in Columbus there were reports of injured fans and people chanting "kill the catholics" at the team. After that Ohio St wasn’t scheduled anymore until the 90s. So those two specific school were not scheduled for good reason.
The Michigan Ban, is the exact reason we called up USC and started playing them on a yearly basis. We also played Army, Navy and Pitt every year at the time, who were perennial powers back then so the demand to play OSU and UM wasn’t high.

To be honest, I found it very refreshing that we have some intelligent banter outside of our conference. Not since the BCS Championship have we enjoyed such. It didn't hurt that I was taught something while reading his comments. Thanks GooseND, and do come back often.

Football, sort of....

No. It's not your Auburn Tigers, but this a look into the life of spring workouts with UNC Head Coach Larry Fedora. Hey, it's football ain't it? Quit complaining already and watch the video!

My take....

Auburn Basketball. I have seen the improvements in Auburn basketball. As miniscule as they might be, they are there. Like an ant crawling on a pic-nick blanket in the spring.

Coach Barbee has this program heading in the right direction. Effort, hustle, and determination are all there. Sure some will tell you that the talent level at AU is lacking, and in a couple cases, that probably is true. But these young men gave their all for Auburn basketball. They believed in what Coach Barbee was telling them, and they literally did the best that they could do.

Next season the tables will turn. Auburn will make the post season. And the season after that, they will make the big dance into March Madness, and pretty soon we will come to expect our basketball team to make the dance, every season. Most of you have heard that it is always darkest before the storm. To that I say, we have made it through the storm, and soon the sun will shine down on Auburn basketball.