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Spring Means One Thing, Football

Here is a video of Auburn spring football practice this morning, courtesy of The War Eagle Extra

There are others out there. One is on

Two things I first noticed on these videos is the intensity of Scot Loeffler, the other is how meticulous Loeffler is. Even the little details drive him. In the video from Loeffler throws drops his papers on the ground in disgust, then walks over to Zeke Pike, and teaches him what he wants Pike to do.

Also, we can look at the spring roster provided by the University. Interesting items on both of the posts by HABOTN and Joel at TWEA

One thing that struck me was that Joel Bonomolo is no longer on the football roster, and of course not participating in spring drills. The other item was the once again moved, Anthony Morgan, he is now at Wide Out.

Check out the links and come back here for full discussions.