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College Football Costs


You'd never know there was a recession in this country looking solely at the revenues that college football produces. Better yet, look at the prices that it commands in a variety or areas, from TV contracts to ticket prices to coaching contracts. Dollar amounts are always being thrown around in this sport. Sometimes costs are direct, sometimes they're very indirect and intangible. Here are some random numbers that have surfaced recently, some factual, some estimated, and some that ought to be.

$24.8 Million: The combined exit duties to be split evenly by Texas A&M and Missouri to their old Head Master, the Big 12. It's reminiscent of the old joke about the reason why divorce is so expensive is because it's worth it. Nebraska and Colorado broke free for $9 and $6 million but only because they had a note from their parents. Just curious, but what did the new guys have to pay to get into the SEC? Even better: How much in additional TV revenue--the almighty denominator--will the Missouri and Texas markets eventually bring in? I always miss that amount.

$20 Million: The parting gift West Virginia and the Big 12 is ponying up to the Big East for the Mountaineers to be one half of the two scrubs for the departing Aggies and Tigers. Doesn't anyone else think that if the Big 12 doubled their half of this contribution and offered it to the malcontents during exit negotiations (and say it came from Texas), the SEC wouldn't be staring down a nine-game conference schedule next year? Ears fans translation: 44 million old dorm room couches.

$50 Million: The approximate market price for Vanderbilt's slot in the SEC, rising to the demand of more than a few teams, if such a slot was openly available, marketable and amortizable--pending regulatory approval, of course. --Less the future value of value-added TV revenue. Damn. How could I forget that? $12 Million: Sure-fire E-ticket admission fee that would readily be paid by new members, if Slive had the stones to charge it. Breakdown: A cool mil each to the existing schools for lousing up their schedules ad infinitum.

$100 Million: Total estimated costs of all parties for playing musical conferences with the Big 12, courtesy of Texas and their Longhorn Television Network spawn. Face it, Longhorns. You blew up college football. You should change your name to the Coyotes, because four teams just gnawed off their arms to get out from under your embrace. We in the SEC even manage to live with Alabama and peacefully coexist (excepting for the odd deforestation and sexual assaults, mind you.) A hundert mil? That could keep Mack employed up into his 90s.

$1.7 Million: The amount former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville is currently being sued for by a group of disgruntled investors. Middle name Madoff, perhaps? No, Madoff attended Alabama. I just hope a duck hunting trip isn't at the bottom of this fiasco. Potential class action against Tubs: The 2008 Iron Bowl. Get your ticket money back. (Now while it lasts)

$20 Million: Value of the 10-year extension of the coaching contract for former Auburn DC Paul Rhodes, who looks like he's found a home in Ames, Iowa, where he replaced one Gene Chizik, lest you have already forgotten. Good for him. I could be wrong, but these new numbers might put him over the salary numbers of his last coaching boss (see above).

$25,000: Amount paid to a recruiting evaluator in one year by Oregon for obsolete and unneeded information that may put the Ducks in hot water with the NCAA. More than likely, this individual may have acted like a de facto recruiter himself, hence the possible violation. Double or nothing: the amount Nick Saban may pay similar persons to steer evaluate talent to for the Tide.

$180,000: New acceptable gold standard for alleged value tendered involving any recruit being paid to attend a university, stipulated by this blog, 6 March 2012. Brought up here and now so commenters to this thread from opposing teams can be forewarned about posting it below. This amount isn't expected to be adjusted for inflation anytime soon. Think of it as tradition, like Cowbells.

$150-$250 Million: Sadly, the estimated amount in damages plaintiffs attorneys in the Penn State-Jerry Sandusky child sex scandal will ultimately seek to receive from Penn State. Look for it immediately after Sandusky's trial. Incalculable: the damage done to college football in the meantime.

$750: Average future ticket price on the secondary market for the 2012 Alabama at LSU regular season game. For the rematch? Anyone$ Gue$$ ~~