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AUsome Links: SEC Media Days and "the FBI's back in Auburn, Paaaaaaaaawwwwwlllll"


- The biggest story in Auburn right now is obviously the point-shaving scandal involving Varez Ward. The FBI is probing the Tiger who's been suspended for a few weeks now. What does this mean for Auburn? Well, according to the Yahoo! Sports story, Auburn immediately suspended Ward and reported it to the FBI, NCAA and SEC. So as long as it was only Varez and as long as Auburn reacted the way the report says they did, there will likely be no NCAA sanctions against the program. At worst, he could be ruled ineligible for more games than expected and Auburn would have to vacate some wins, but this scenario is unlikely. Still, this puts a cloud over the Auburn basketball program... apparently replacing the cloud that was already there.

- In lighter (yet not fresh) news, the circus is scheduled to be back in town. I don't mean the circus involving clowns or bearded women or cotton candy,I mean the wacky, eventful three-day circus known as SEC Media Days! In what is surely some form of rookie hazing, Missouri and Texas A&M will both be going on the first day. Auburn will be going on the second day, for those curious. Outside of the football season itself, SEC Media Days are an SEC fan's favorite time of the sports year.