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Friday Ramblings

We took a little break last week from our Friday Ramblings post and did a special tribute to Auburn's Heisman Award winners, which was well received. Clearly we threw you guys for a loop, and I'll make sure to get back on track this week.

There have been many post A-Day articles and posts written, Our Acid Reign does the best job of any of them. He is definitely on par with the likes of Phillip Marshall of 24/7Sports, and Joel Erickson of Columbus Ledger/Enquirer fame. Nobody sees the details like Acid does, and even fewer can relay those details in a way that I can understand. We are very fortunate to have such a fine gentleman writing for us here at Track Em Tigers.

Auburn Softball....

Coach Tina Deese is as aggressive at recruiting as Gene Chizik. This past week a standout shortstop and pitcher committed to play for Deese at Auburn.

"I really liked the engineering program there and coach Deese is a nice lady," Cooper said on Dothan’s trip home from winning the two games at Russell County. "They have got a great softball program and I love the way she interacts with the players. I also love the (rest of the) coaching staff."

The article goes on to state...

Last year, as a pitcher, Cooper had a 29-6 record with a 0.95 earned run average and 180 strikeouts in 185 innings. As a hitter, she batted .527, earning 106 hits, which tied the Alabama High School Athletic Association state record for most hits in a season.

Looks like the program is still reaching skyward. Fight on Ladies, and WAR EAGLE!

Staying with recruiting....

There are several items this week, that for one reason or another we decided to wait until today to talk about. I hope you don't mind.

Last Saturday prior to A-Day Auburn received two commitments from linebackers. If you follow any of my recruiting editorials, then you know that I consider this an area of great concern for Auburn, especially headed into next season. The additions of Cameron Toney, and Jarrad Davis are in line with what Coach Chizik and his staff have been doing thus far this spring. That brings the total number of linebackers to three that gave verbals to Auburn thus far.

Defense wins championships, and Auburn has obtained the verbal commitments from arguably one of the best defensive classes it has ever had this early in the process. So far, I like what I see. Which leads me to the big item to discuss.

Dee Liner took a visit to Tuscaloosa, to take in the Alabama spring game last Saturday. Why is that so important? Mr. Liner is a solid verbal to Auburn, and missing the AU A-Day game would seem to be reason for concern. He put all those worries to rest with his statement after returning home from West Vance.

"I want you to tell all the Auburn fans that I love them and there wasn't nothing serious about the trip to Tuscaloosa this weekend and I'm 100 percent with Auburn, no matter what,"

We know that these kids can often have a change of heart during their senior high school seasons, although Dee Liner seems pretty solid in his commitment to Auburn.

Comment of the week....

This week the selection was much more difficult. There were so many really good comments that I literally just had choose one to make the deadline. For all the pain and suffering that we have been through with this topic, I still found something in this post by TexasAUtiger, to name it "COTW"

Unfortunately, WE don't get to choose our family, and like a real family (mine at least), there

will always be a few screw ups. I just hope the coaches have learned from this and do a better job in the future in deciding who they allow in the AU family.

Also, I’ll be praying for Dyer. He’ll always be part of the AU family (like it or not), so selfishly I would love to see him turn his life around and in a perfect hollywood ending look back on his days at AU as a positive turning point in his life. Less selfishly, he’s still a kid and though he’s made mistakes, he at least had the sense to not go along on the robbery, so, like Vader, there is good in him.

My take....

Both Auburn coordinators spoke with the media yesterday, which gave a little insight as to their mindset, and evaluations of the players this spring. Brian VanGorder and Scot Loeffler each had some good things to say while reiterating that old coaches mantra "We have a long way to go".

There have been a few early surprises like the continued mention of Keymiya Harrell , Dee Ford

Corey Lemonier, and big Jeff Whitaker.

All very good news to this defensive minded old football fan. Defensively, Auburn should be poised to have an excellent season. Not just a good season, one that will have us all praising the return of the shut down style defenses we are used to seeing from Auburn football teams. Until next week,