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Friday Ramblings

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Gene Chizik speaks to the media....

Did I mention that I really like Tim Brando? No? Let me explain my sudden enthusiasm. This past week Tim Brando interviewed our very own Gene Chizik, and the conversation is well worth your listening to. There are some surprise subjects in the conversation, which I won't give away. Here is the LINK

Thanks to DKinAU for the story, Here is the audio of Coach Chizik during the SEC teleconference.

Coach Loeffler speaks....

Prior to speaking to the Columbus Phenix City Auburn Club, Offensive Coordinator Scot Loeffler answered some questions from Joel Erickson of War Eagle Extra. Here is the entire interview. My favorite question I captioned below for you.

JAE: Does an offense have to be multiple to keep a defense from zeroing in on you?

Loeffler: "I tell you, whenever you look at defenses today, particularly across this conference, they’re as good as they come. To pigeonhole yourself in one area, or style of play, it’s really hard to move the ball. I think the evolution, and the way things are going, is people are trying to be as diverse as they possibly can. And at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter, it’s how you run it, and how people defend it. If you can run the ball and not turn it over and play great defense, you always have a chance to win."

New Weight Room is ready....

I read on the AUFamily blog where the new athletic weight room has fully opened, and is now ready to use. Click on the LINK to see actual pictures.

Recruiting Notes...

One of the country's top Defensive linemen has stated many times that he does not have a preference and that he will not commit until signing day. One place however that he guarantees he will revisit, is Auburn. Let's hope that is a good sign.

Auburn has offered a scholarship this week to a true freshman in high school. The Florida running back must be one heckuva prospect to be getting that kind of offer. That would be a class of 2015 recruit. Mind boggling.

more juicy tidbits after the jump...

BCS Championship by committee?...

Seems that is the latest scuttlebutt from the meetings about proposed changes to college footballs naming of a true champion. ESPN reports that very subject HERE.

Oh the punch lines with this idea. The truly worst part is, that a selection committee is basically what we have in the regular season standings, and we know that laziness, and favoritism is rampant in that process. What makes anyone think that this would work in a post season scenario? College basketball? Apples and Oranges, that is the difference in college basketball and college football. Two totally different worlds. For one, the basketball schedule has enough regular season games to at least have a semi-accurate idea if a team is good enough to participate in the post season. the other HUGE difference is that college basketball has a true playoff, complete with a bubble team "win and your in" pre-playoff, playoff.

In my thought process of this selection committee idea, the words of comedian Jeff Foxworthy come to mind. "You just watch, they'll screw this up too".

Mr. Smith goes to Arkansas....

The entire Arkansas saga is a bizarre at best, and intriguing to a point. I sure am more appreciative that we have Coach Chizik at this point, not that I haven't had that point of view the entire time, just that these types of stories make you go "whew", when you think that could have been us. On to my point here.

I read on The Sporting News website a story of the days leading up to the naming of Smith as the Arkansas Razorbacks interim coach. I don't like the idea that Arkansas did that to an FCS school, nor do I like the way this Smith character treated his former team. The players feel the brunt of these things more so than the adults who make these decisions. Shame on the Arkansas AD Jeff Long, and fire and brimstone should fall on John L. Smith

Monday’s announcement, but Bovee may have been speaking for many when he told The Salt Lake Tribune he was "disappointed" and referred to the "cold business" of college football.

Might Smith eventually return to his alma mater when his interim duty at Arkansas is over?

"I could not see that happening," Hammer said. "I think the wound would be a little too deep with the administration and the people here."

Comment of the week....
This weeks winner is GaronB for this comment.
As much as I hate to rate a non-conference game over a conference game . . .

I think the Clemson game is huge because it’s on a big stage, at a neutral site, and it’s our season opener. It’ll be our first actual game in 9 months. Losing there could be devastating. If it weren’t the opener, I’d have to go Arkansas, Texas A&M, then Miss State, but you can’t undervalue opening your season 1-0, especially against a tough opponent.

A great subject talking point, and many good comments were made, only one however makes the cut. Until next week,


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