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Kentucky Burns While Football Fans Get Hosed

Auburn Rides Again
Auburn Rides Again

First let me explain why I am posting here, and not your regular Wednesday hero. WEA and ATM have been traveling, and asked me to come up with something for today, and I was more than happy to oblige that request. So, without further ado, let's get started.

Kentucky blues....

In what has to be the an embarrassing scenario, the Kentucky Wildcat fans reaction to their basketball team winning an 8th National Championship, is to loot, burn and destroy other peoples property. Oh yeah, they shoot at each other too.

Battalion Chief Ed Davis of the Lexington Division of Fire and Emergency Services said he saw the shooting as he was filling out paperwork on a wreck involving a fire engine. Davis said he heard yelling about 25 feet away, and one man started shooting at another. He said the gun was fired "quite a few times."

Following in the footsteps of that great West Virginia Mountaineer tradition, the Kentucky fans honored their hillside cousins with this....

"We're seeing fires being lit and things of that nature," Roberts said, adding that people had set couches and at least one car on fire.

Congratulations go to the Kentucky Wildcats for winning the 2012 NCAA Final Four National Championship, for some of their fans, all I have to say is this. Stay classy Kentucky, stay classy.

Just what we need....

In a proposal to effort change in the NCAA, one panel has proposed to turn over control of the Bowl games to the Conferences, and their administrators.

An NCAA task force is proposing sweeping changes to the postseason college football structure that would turn over the majority of oversight of bowls to conferences themselves. Documents obtained by show that the NCAA Postseason Task Force would essentially transfer the legal responsibility of running the postseason to the commissioners and their leagues.

There are too many nightmares following this train of thought. The first to come to mind, is that we would never see a real National Champion in football, if we have to get all those conferences to agree with each other. The Bowl game situation would get worse, instead of better, and the popularity contest that is the polling system now in place, would forever be in control.

The only positive I see coming from all of this would be the lower number of 6-6 teams making a Bowl game. That is hardly enough of a good thing, to hand over the Bowl system to the league offices.

Oh, and there is this from the Sporting News....

Also, reported that sources had concern about title sponsors and the images that come with them. The example used was the Bowl in Mobile, Ala., because of’s racy commercials.

There is no way that this suggestion by the panel would be fair, or fan friendly. Has the NCAA not been listening to the people who purchase the "Golden Egg" every year? The very people that buy season tickets, travel at times, hundreds of miles to see a regular season game, and hundreds of more miles, if not thousands of miles, to see their team in a Bowl game.

Turning over your Bowl system to the very ones that make the most money, would be a slap in the face to every college football fan in the country. Think about it for just a minute. These conferences and their administrators are trying desperately to lure the top schools away from their current conference affiliation, and now we are expect them to play nice because of Bowl games? It will not work, not for us the fan.

You have to believe that there is animosity between the Big 12, along with it's favorite child the University of Texas, and the South Eastern Conference over the stealing away of Missouri, and Texas A&M. So, how are we supposed to believe that the two conferences are going to play nice when it comes to Bowl decisions that involve either conference? INSANITY! That's what this thought process is. All to save the NCAA some money. You know that is what the reason behind all this is, just money.

And once again, we the fans will be screwed over by the very sport we love, and support.