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Jawara White Ends Football Career

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"Jawara White has sustained an injury that will no longer allow him to play football," coach Gene Chizik said in an Auburn release. "Although this is disappointing for Jawara, our medical staff, his family and our coaching staff all agree that this is in his best interest. At Auburn, our top priority is and will always be the health and welfare of our student-athletes. Jawara will continue to work toward receiving his degree from Auburn and will always be a part of our Auburn family."

Late yesterday news started leaking out of an injury to, Rah-Rah as he is affectionately called, and today we have the above statement released from Auburn University head football coach Gene Chizik. During the late evening this writer was able to have a brief conversation via twitter with White wherein he stated that he would be fine. I took that meaning that emotionally he would be okay. Especially after reading the stories of Auburn beat writers.

In this video, linebackers coach Tommy Thigpen briefly mention that the news on White was a "tragedy". In my mind, that spelled out all the information needed.

After the news broke this morning Jawara White tweeted, "Giving up the game of football is hardest thing I ever had to do. Thank you all for the prayers WAR EAGLE."

All of our prayers go out to White, and his family, while he transitions into a new phase in his life.