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Friday Links!

<em>Departed guard Thomas O'Reilly (#66) lines up to block on A-Day.</em>
Departed guard Thomas O'Reilly (#66) lines up to block on A-Day.

War Eagle, everybody! It's time now for our weekly college sports links. My apologies for the absence of KoolBell this time. He's having a heck of a week, and I'm the substitute teacher today. Y'all better play nice, or everybody's staying after class! Here's hoping I can add a few sagacious slants and pertinent points. I know everyone will be happy when Kool's back!

We'll get the bad news out of the way first. The mess for the Penn State athletic department just won't end. Now, there's "revised testimony" from whistle-blowing coach Mike McQueary who first brought the Sandusky allegations to the Penn State brass. When the story starts changing under oath, you wonder how many more ugly facts will shake out of that tree. Originally, the story was that McQueary saw and reported seeing Sandusky's crimes just before spring break of 2002. Now he's saying it happened in February of 2001, which may put the inaction of former athletic director Tim Curley and vice president Gary Schultz outside certain statutes of limitations. There are also rumors that McQueary is gearing up to sue the school under whistle-blowing laws. It's shaping up to be an ugly trial, one that can't do the Nittany Lions any good. McQueary's waffling won't help the victims in this sordid mess any, either.

This week, Wall Street Journal writer Buzz Bissinger called for the abolition of college football. Predictably, he was condemned by football writers and fans all over the country. I personally share Phillip Marshall's opinion that college football creates opportunities, and revenue for many schools. The best humor on the piece was delivered by fellow SBN site Team Speed Kills. Laughs like this make my day! If TSK isn't on your daily rounds, you're missing out. I've really grown to enjoy the SEC musings of Year 2 and Cock n Fire. Heck, I even enjoy Kleph's occasional historical contributions, and he's one of those RBR guys.

The SEC is still struggling to assess all of the ramifications of the recent league land-grab into Texas and Missouri. I think most fans are concerned that it's going to take more than a decade for each team to cycle through all possible cross-divisional opponents, and some are worried that schedules won't be equitable. A proposal was floated by South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier, and seconded by LSU's Les Miles. Basically, the idea is that only division games should count towards a division title. Folks, let's kill that turkey dead before it builds up any momentum! Ask yourselves, Auburn fans, would you want the coaches sitting key players out for the Georgia game, because it's not a division game? No, you would NOT! Also, some of the other complainers had Ole Miss and Vandy on their schedule every year for many years, while Auburn had Tennessee, Florida and Georgia. Cry me a river!

Auburn's football team said goodbye to one of their own this week, when redshirt freshman guard Thomas O'Reilly opted to transfer to Georgia Tech. I watched O'Reilly play on A-Day, and I thought he did pretty well in his first action in front of the Auburn faithful. It says a lot about the talent level on Auburn's young line that O'Reilly was unlikely to see any playing time. War Eagle, Tom, and good luck back home in Atlanta!

The attempt by Darth Visor and the Mad Hatter to turn the SEC into something resembling major league baseball wasn't the only quote of note out of Les Miles this week. Miles went on record stating of new SEC members Texas A&M and Missouri, "They're really not going to enjoy their welcoming to this conference." Think that's going to end up on any bulletin boards? Of course, Miles is the guy who bowed up on his own daughter.

Finally, kudos to Auburn golf stars! The golf team has been selected as a number one seed at the Greensboro Regional, a play-in for the NCAA Championships. War Eagle! Sink those PUTTS!

Well, that's all for now, folks. If you haven't already, get the mothers in your life something special for Mother's Day. Appreciate ‘em, and show it! War Eagle, and have a great weekend!