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Talking Boobs and Football

How many years of therapy will this kid need?
How many years of therapy will this kid need?

Oh what the hell. It's May and let's face it, there's not a whole lot going on in the sports world. Let's start today by discussing breast feeding and the latest cover of Time Magazine. By now, you've probably seen the picture of the five-year-old boy nursing his hot mother on the front of the magazine.

It's wrong on some many fronts. Yet deep down you have to admire the marketing genius of such a cover. It certainly grabs your attention in the checkout line at the local Publix.

You have to feel sorry for the kid. I mean, he's getting down on his mom's boob for the entire world to see. What will his buddies say at Kindergarten? What will his buddies say when he's in high school and this little gem pops up on the internet? Poor kid.

Moving on...

The Southeast has always been regarded as college football country. It's widely assumed to be the case today. However, things have gotten so bad at the University of Tennessee that the Volunteer state may be changing.

For the first time ever, the Tennessee Titans have sold more season tickets than UT. Now it's easy to blame Derek Dooley for this happening; but truthfully, this has been years in the making.

I've always wondered what impact an NFL team in Alabama would have on the state. We'll never know. Nashville is three times the size of Birmingham. With just four million people in Alabama, the NFL opportunity passed long ago...

With the recent news that both LSU and Arkansas are expanding their football stadiums, I wonder if Auburn officials regret pouring $92 million into the new Auburn Arena? Tony Barbee's first two seasons have been largely a bust. With more off-season troubles, you have to wonder how long attendance will remain high for the new venue.

Regardless, Auburn needs to move fast to upgrade Jordan-Hare Stadium. It's now middle of the pack at best among SEC schools. Here's an idea. Add additional seating and sky boxes in the north end-zone. Then lower ticket prices and pack the place out. There's no victory in having the highest ticket prices in the conference...

Did you hear the good news? The USFL is back and it's looking to Birmingham once again. According to an AP story last week, the league is looking to make a return next spring and open with eight teams. As is the case with all second rate leagues, they have their eyes on Legion Field.

What is the obsession with spring football and Birmingham? Just in my lifetime, I've seen the World Football League, the USFL, The World Football League again and the XFL. How long does it take to figure out the business model doesn't work? ...

There's realignment talk again among the conferences, this time the focus is on Florida State and Clemson. Reports slipped out over the weekend that FSU would be willing to listen to what Big 12 officials have to offer. Clemson has almost been mentioned in published reports.

Evidently both schools are upset with the new television deal negotiated by the ACC last week. While FSU president Eric Barron tried to put the talk to rest, those close to board of trustees chairman Andy Haggard say he's committed to speaking with Big 12 officials.

It's hard to feel sorry for Florida State. Back in the early 1990's there was a window open for them to make application to the SEC. Bobby Bowden didn't want to play an SEC schedule, so they chose the easier ACC. Now they are faced with a schedule that includes Syracuse and Boston College among others.

The Big 12 is not much better. I can't see Doak-Campbell Stadium selling out regularly for Kansas and Iowa State.

Until next time...