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Lindy’s Not Big on Auburn in 2012

Lindy's annual sports publication picks Auburn fifth in the SEC West for 2012.
Lindy's annual sports publication picks Auburn fifth in the SEC West for 2012.

Give Lindy's the prize for being first. The preseason college football magazine is now on store shelves and the Birmingham-based publisher gets bragging rights for 2012. Let's hope they don't have a lot to brag about in the prediction department.

The sports annual has Auburn picked fifth in the SEC Western Division behind LSU, Alabama, Arkansas and Texas A&M. Overall, Auburn is picked ninth in the conference.

Summing up Auburn's chances, the publication writes, "(Auburn) could go 8-5 again, but not talented enough to compete with LSU and Alabama in the West."


Lindy's picks LSU to win the national championship, followed by USC, Alabama, Oklahoma and Oregon. Georgia is ranked sixth. Auburn comes in at number 31.

On a positive note, the magazine has tight-end Phillip Lutzenkirchen listed as a second-team All-American.

Luckily, Lindy's has never been known for being the most accurate in the prognosticating area.

Time will tell...

There should be no feeling sorry for former Auburn All-American Nick Fairley. It's a shame to see a young person who has the world by its tail, self destruct. That's exactly what he's done this off-season.

Maybe it's the money or the fame or both, but Fairley is clearly out of control on a personal level. His DUI arrest over the weekend coupled with the marijuana charge a few months back are strong indicators his life is in chaos.

He most likely will face suspension from the NFL. If he stays on this path it will cost him contract money and maybe his career. We've seen this happen time and again with players who can't handle the off-field responsibilities of an NFL player.

Judging from the smile on his face in the mug shot photo, Fairley still doesn't get it. Let's hope there's someone strong in his life that can intervene and make a difference. Most times that person doesn't exist...

It came as no surprise that Auburn failed to qualify for an NCAA Regional in baseball. Quite frankly, they didn't deserve it. When you are swept by Alabama and Georgia, two of the worst teams in the SEC, there's no arguing the point.

Auburn finishes the season with a 31-28 record. Too bad there's no NIT tournament. This performance clearly puts Auburn coach John Pawlowski on the hot seat heading into next year.

I'm not sure he deserves another year, but clearly athletic director Jay Jacobs believes in him. In four seasons on the Plains, Pawlowski stands 134-91 overall and a disappointing 58-62 in SEC games.

When you compare this performance with former coach Steve Renfroe, who was fired after leading Auburn to three regional appearances in four years, it leaves you scratching your head.

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