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Friday Ramblings: Home Edition

Hello once again sports fans, and War Eagle!

This week we have a few things to discuss, and a personal message to all of you. First, my message to you. Next week and possibly the following week as well, I am in a home restructure/remodel mode, and therefore will leave you in the very capable hands of my fellow bloggers here at Track Em. We are having all new flooring put down in our house, and nearly half of the interior of our house is being repainted. You can just imagine all the packing and such, it's almost like moving, minus the big trucks. Now onto the topics this week.

Legends and lessons....

With the passing of Junior Seau,a certain NFL Hall of Fame recipient, many questions are being raised about the violence of the sport we all love. No matter what the outcome of the autopsy, many have already speculated that concussion and the effects that go along with it, are the cause of the apparent suicide of Mr. Seau.

Seau's death is another in an increasingly long list of NFL players, that is bringing the white hot spotlight onto a subject that quite frankly, we don't know very much about. How many other football players have been affected? Unfortunately we may never know if this was the root of their troubles.

If indeed there are scientific links to football activities, and these suicidal behaviors, there will be far reaching changes to our game throughout all levels. From youth leagues up through the NFL. All will be affected in one way or another, as they should!

Recruiting tidbits....

Auburn has set it's sights on a select group of offensive linemen in this next class. After the last two monster "O" line classes, Auburn can afford to be a little more selective. The quantity of this last class was matched by the quality, so I have complete confidence in our coaches being able to sign a select few each year.

24/7Sports has posted a top 25 list of players. There could be a lot of discussion about why this athlete or that one is rated the best. That is something I'll leave to those who get to watch most of these kids play.

Other tidbits....

I always peruse the net for anything Auburn, and this week I found a gem. Over at the War Eagle Reader, I read that Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank apparently has a race horse named Tiger Walk.

THIS, is the story of a dumb jock proving that he is just that. In the new KoolBell's dictionary, his picture is accompanied by the definition of idiot.

This, yes, this right here, this is the way athletes are supposed to act. Thanks guys.

Comment of the week....

This week the choice won't take a lot of space. It was very short and sweet, mostly it was to the point. I like that. So, without further ado, the winner is

"Blake is an inspiration

And so was this story. Enjoyed reading it".

Thanks to Im4Auburn, for that wonderfully worded post.