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The Top 10 Media Personalities In College Football

Erin Andrews didn't make our top 10, but we still wanted to show her picture.
Erin Andrews didn't make our top 10, but we still wanted to show her picture.

Outside of the coaches and players, nothing makes college football better than the personalities who entertain us through our televisions and radios. I'm talking about the people who talk the game on the way home from work and wake us up on those cool fall mornings.

Whether you love'em or hate'em they define the game we watch. For the third consecutive year, I give you my Top 10 College Football Media Personalities. You're bound to agree with me on some and almost certainly disagree on others.

Here we go:

1. Kirk Herbstreit (ESPN) - For the second consecutive year, he holds down our top spot. There's no arguing he's the biggest media figure in the game today. Whether he's making his point on College GameDay or calling the biggest game of the week on ABC, Herbstreit is everywhere. For better or worse, his opinion matters.

2. Chris Fowler (ESPN) - As the quarterback of College GameDay, Fowler is as smooth as they come on a studio show. Regardless of the location, he's always in control, giving viewers the best sports program on television.

3. Rece Davis (ESPN) - As Fowler's backup, Davis is quickly making a name of his own. He single handily makes the midnight program, GameDay Final a must for fans. Despite being an Alabama graduate, he's as fair as they come. His weekly BCS Countdown show doesn't shy away from the issues with the bowl system.

4. Tony Barnhart (CBS) - It was great having Barnhart all to ourselves while he was at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, but he's even better now that the rest of the nation has discovered him. A throwback to the old days of reporting, Barnhart never makes a mistakes. That says a lot in today's environment.

5. Bill King (Sirius/XM Radio) - King hosts the best year-round college football show on radio. It's the perfect mix of news and recruiting. With his folksy voice, King tells it like it is without alienating those who disagree.

6. Tim Brando (CBS) - Who says you can't redeem yourself? Last year, Brando was on our list of most disgusting figures in college football. See what happens when you stop appearing on the Paul Finebaum Radio Show? Since beginning his television simulcast earlier this year, Brando has moderated his views and is actually enjoyable to listen to in the mornings.

7. Gary Danielson (CBS) - Perhaps the most loved Yankee in the Deep South. Danielson has been outspoken in support of the SEC since joining CBS. He's hands-down the best analyst in all of college football.

8. Desmond Howard (ESPN) - When Howard was made the fourth member of the GameDay crew he was absolutely terrible. With a few seasons under his belt, he's now come into his own. His sense of humor has added been a nice bonus to the top rated show.

9. Jack Arute (Sirius/XM Radio) - When you've had enough NBA talk on the Worldwide Leader, switch over to Arute during the lunch hour. He has some of the best guests in the game. His hate for Paul Finebaum is legendary. Try to catch him on a day when he's trashing Paul's show. Everything he says about it is true.

10. Colin Cowherd (ESPN) - Cowherd gets the final spot because he's one of the few national radio guys who promote college football. Regardless of what's happening in the NFL, who always takes time during the week to talk about our game. His show has forced other programs to give more time to college football.