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Friday Ramblings - Meetings, Playoffs, and Polls Oh My!

Auburn Women's basketball coach Terri Williams-Flournoy
Auburn Women's basketball coach Terri Williams-Flournoy

Good Friday morning to you all and War Eagle!

This week we dive head first into the meetings of the South Eastern Conference at the Sandestin Hilton, along the Florida coast. The Auburn guest speaker was new women's basketball coach Terri Williams-Flournoy. You can watch her speech HERE.

The biggest topics discussed during the meetings were the changes that will be made to the sports schedules going forward. Basketball, baseball, and football are the big three in attendance numbers, but all of the sports are going to be affected in some form or another.

For your convenience, here is a LINK to the SEC football schedule.

The second biggest question asked, at least to football fans, were the opinions of the SEC football coaches on the seemingly inevitable playoff system that is coming to college football. By a wide majority, none of the coaches wants to limit the playoff to conference champions only.

My guess is the nationwide SEC envy, coupled with the popularity contest that make up the college poll system, are enough to sway our coaches to say these things.

Said Auburn coach Gene Chizik: "If the objective is to have a system where the best four teams in the country play, then it needs to be the best four teams in the country. Conference championships and things of that nature should not play a part."

"It's just like politics and self-interest," Saban said. "Somebody wants to create a circumstance that's going to help their particular situation or conference and it's not what's in the best interests of college football."

That's just two of the quotes. Georgia coach Mark Richt has gone on record as being against a Conference champion only playoff system as well.

Whatever playoff system is finally adopted by the NCAA, it's member conferences, and Notre Dame( I hate giving them any cred) will be sure to be fraught with controversy, and not make a large number of people happy. Any system that would diminish what the SEC has done since 2004, would be a travesty, and in this writers mind weaken college football to the sad old ways of the Bowl system.

Those days were full of dishonest homerism of the polls. Like it or not, the old poll system was as corrupt, and disingenuous as our politicians. Until the multiple ESPN networks, nobody could see more than three college football games a week. How could anyone possibly rank 20 teams with that as their basis of college football? You already know that answer, don't you?

The future is uncertain, and there are a ton of hurdles yet to be crossed, but there are changes coming to college football. I have long stipulated that the more that human technology changes, the faster it changes. So it goes with college football.

I wanted you have to have an easy access to a very impressive media guide. So I have provided a link HERE. Tell me what you think in the comments section.

Until next time...