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Friday Ramblings: Let's Talk Playoffs

The news this week, that the conference commissioners have reached an agreement on how to start the major college football world down the road toward a playoff, was met with approval from most fans of the sport. I have come to the conclusion that this endeavor can be compared to man first landing on the moon. It took an awful lot of people a lifetime of dedication, and a lot of mistakes, to make it happen.

First, let's hope that after this system becomes implemented, we can do away with the term "Mythical National Champion" . Once we get a true NC, then and only then, can we say with certainty that Auburn, or Alabama, or whomever is the actual National Champion. There have been far too many instances where there were questions as to the validity of the title, and I for one will be happy to see this come to an end.

I know there will be intense debate between #4 and #5 in the polls, and the selection committee is bound to pick a team that travels well over a team with a smaller fan base, or one that doesn't have a history of filling it's stadiums. We are after all talking MONEY here. The human influence, and the lack of real faith in the computer rankings by many, will put the onus squarely on the shoulders of the selection committee. I wish them the best of luck.

However, I like the idea that a Boise State can finally enter the post season with a chance to set the record straight on the myth that they can't compete with the "Big Boys". Now we will see if they can constantly hang, or be a whipping child to the top 5 conferences on a consistent basis.

Like it or not, "Can smaller schools compete with the major conferences?" has been the real question among football minds in any process toward a playoff. Now the field will be open for all contenders, regardless of conference affiliation, or size of the school. Teams like TCU, Baylor, Nevada, and Boise State will all have access even if they play in a perceived weaker conference. This will make the regular season mean as much or more for all the teams in the country.

The big aspect this will change in the future will be recruiting. This playoff system will level the playing field as far as recruiting goes, if one thing can happen for a school. That is if that school can consistently make the playoff selection. The only way to do that is to have a very good regular season on a consistent basis.

While that idea may not be seen as novel, think what that would mean to a team like Boise State to make the playoff selection two straight years. What if they sign their coach to a new long term contract in the process? Boom! BSU's recruiting goes wild, then they start picking up a ton of top recruits. Who does that hurt recruiting wise? Notre Dame? USC? Oregon? Mark my word, that recruiting will be affected by this change. It may not hurt Auburn, or Alabama, USC, and the like as much as it would some other schools, but it will change things to some degree. Recruiting after all, is the life's blood of college football.

There will be many discussions in the near future about many facets of this bold new adventure. We as fans will have a summer to discuss the possibilities, then football, then another off-season to mull it over, before the actual implementation of the system itself. We aught to have that topic down pat by then. It only took 110 years to get here.

Nope, this is no fun at all....

The past few months have been a wild adventure of emotions for me. From a thrilling bowl victory over the Virginia Cavaliers and a gut check National Signing Day. One that saw the Auburn coaching staff pull out some last minute heroics to haul in a consensus 3rd straight top 10 class.

From the villainous "Al from Dadeville" tree poisoner extremist, to the shocking and horrible events at a pool party that saw many young people hurt in a way, that you would never wish on anyone. Death and destruction came visiting the Loveliest Village on the Plains, and the hurt will not go away too soon.

To add to the roller coaster ride my heart has been on, we saw a young man we once called one of our own, sentenced to 15 years in prison for his part in an armed robbery. The robbery never had to happen, never should have happened, and we will have to relive it throughout the entirety of three more young men and their trials, and subsequent sentencing.

Last Sunday was Father's Day. This past month, an awful lot of Mothers and Fathers are hurting. Nobody can explain how this happened in our little paradise we call Auburn.

If we are able to escape the pain for brief moments at a time through football, then I must tell you this. Football season can not get here soon enough for me. God bless the Mothers and Fathers.