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Recruiting & Social Media

Auburn Coach Tommy Thigpen courtesy of Yeager
Auburn Coach Tommy Thigpen courtesy of Yeager

Recruiting has taken on a life of its own in recent years, and so it goes this year. With so much media covering these young guns starting with their Sophomore year in high school, we treat these potential student athletes like rock stars.

Too much attention is focused on these players, and what school they may attend. That is, until they choose your rival, and will be playing against your favorite team. The latest case in point is the Ruben Foster announcement yesterday evening, that he was switching his commitment from Alabama to Auburn. The similarity in the Foster statement vs the one given by TJ Yeldon last year was peculiar. Yeldon was the young man that switched from Auburn to Alabama.

Any high school football player that has a chance to make it to the upper echelons of the college football world will have his facebook and twitter pages bombarded with friend request and followers. Too much emphasis is put on what is "said" on twitter and facebook. Too many people are trying to influence these young athletes as well.

We as fans must remember, that these are people that have just graduated high school. Often, they have zero real world experience compared to those recruiting them. The athlete often finds himself being told that they are the final piece of the puzzle to get a team to the championship. Or that the athlete being recruited is the best they have seen at that position since an NFL Hall of Fame guy played that position.

There is a lot at stake in this recruiting business, we must remember that we are talking about a young persons life, not pieces of a puzzle.