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Inspiration and Football

. Life has a way of dragging you down. We all fall prey to the never ending hustle and bustle of everyday living. It's a weight on our shoulders, that admittedly we put on ourselves. Then, there are times in our lives, when we are inspired by others to be more than the rut we all fall into. These next two gentlemen are examples of how overcoming the seemingly impossible, is just a part of their overall character.

Zac Etheridge

Zac Etheridge came to Auburn as the 49th ranked safety in the USA, and committed to Auburn. He started his college playing career in 2006 and graduated from Auburn prior to his last season on the Plains.

All Auburn fans know the story of Zac Etheridge. His position coach Tommy Thigpen tells part of the story, and you can see the pain in his heart.

Zac and his teammates won a National Championship the next season at Auburn. After he finished his playing career, he was offered a Graduate Assistant position at Penn State University by the new defensive coordinator Ted Roof.

Eric LeGrand

On October 16th against Army, Eric LeGrand suffered a life threatening injury. During a routine running play, Army Black Knight running back Malcolm Brown collided with LeGrand who was trying to make the tackle. The collision left Eric with a severe neck injury cracking the C3 and C4 cervical vertebrae.

There have been many stories about Eric and his injury. Personally, I like this one below

"I spent a few hours with him," Montag said. "I wanted to feel sorry for him, but he inspired me. When you are with him, you never feel sorry for him. He is never down and he never has a bad day."

A source said IMG will donate any commissions on work the agency does for LeGrand to paralysis research. Montag would not comment on that, saying only that working with LeGrand "isn’t about money."

Eric LeGrand has also been presented the Jimmy V Perseverance Award at the ESPY's and the Unsung Hero Award by the New Jersey Hall of Fame.

The example that these two men have set, should inspire all of us to be better.