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Friday Ramblings

Ever To Conquer - The new Auburn billboards are a hit. Photo courtesy of
Ever To Conquer - The new Auburn billboards are a hit. Photo courtesy of

Good morning one and all, are you ready for some football? If so, then I have great news for you. Starting August 1st, the 2012 version of your Auburn Tigers will begin the hot grueling process of fall practice in Auburn, Alabama.

With just 30 days to prepare for the season opener against Clemson in the Georgia Dome, there are several positions on the team that are still not sewn down.

Fan Day...

The annual event is a fan favorite, the AUfficial website released this statement this week.

One of the most popular traditions surrounding the Auburn football program, Fan Day presented by Golden Flake will take place Sunday, August 12, from 2-4 p.m. CT at Auburn Arena. Admission is free.

All fans wanting items autographed are encouraged to participate.


After the recent commitment of Reuben Foster to our Tigers, 4 star running back Jordan Wilkins also gave his pledge to the Tigers, and Coach Chizik. The addition of these two athletes has moved Auburn solidly into the top 10 in all of the recruiting service polls. 247sports has the Tigers the highest at 5th nationally.

One decidedly huge item to point out is that Auburn has three 5 star recruits with verbal pledges, and they are all on the defensive side of the ball. We are seeing the effects that Brian VanGorder had hoped for in his initial address to the Auburn family, when he said that he was looking forward to recruiting athletes "the right way".

Auburn's Top 25 players...

Dwight Crisp of Yahoo Sports has posted an article naming his top 25 all time Auburn football players. He doesn't seem to rank the former Tiger greats, only to give them the nod as the best of the many great players to wear the Orange & Navy. I would be interested in your thoughts on this subject. Please list them in the comments section.

Best of the rest...

Each year I try to take a stab at just who might contend for the national championship of college football. I have gone on record here this spring saying that I believe Nebraska will win the B1G. I don't see them going undefeated this season, so that means they will need some help. Your chances dwindle when you have to have help to get in the title game, although after last season, we all know it is possible.

From the ACC I see Florida State as a favorite because of the recruiting that Jimbo Fischer has done since he took over for Bobby Bowden. Since the ACC is not chock full of top notch competition, the road for FSU is a little easier than if they were in the other four conferences. I look for FSU to finish in the hunt for the title.

From way out west in the PAC-12 the predictions get much harder to nail down. Sure, USC is loaded with talent, but their coach still has not proven he can win the big games consistently, so I can't find a reason to pick a team from that conference that has a chance to go undefeated, or even with just one loss. If you look at that league, they are more balanced top to bottom competitively than any other except the SEC. USC may well win that conference title, but with probably two losses. Leaving the PAC-12 out of the picture for the BCS title game.

From the Big-12 we have a couple teams that are capable of running the table, or having just one loss. Oklahoma looks to be the strongest on paper, so they get the nod. Although with teams like Kansas State showing real improvement, and adding West Virginia, that conference has some real obstacles to cross if you want to win that title.

So I look for Florida State, and Oklahoma to be the top two teams from outside the SEC at the end of the season, still in the hunt for the BCS title. May the bashing begin.

Academic facility....

Recently the Auburn athletic department released this video of the Student-Athlete Development Center. Just one way that Auburn insures it's student athletes receive the best possible education.

My take...

The usual excitement and build up to football this year has been rocked by the worst scandal in the history of college athletics. We have all seen it, and experienced the anguish of our favorite sport being soiled by the criminal, and indecent individuals in our society.

While there is no way to turn back the clock, there are those at PSU that must face the facts that not enough was done when they first found out about the problem.

Many of you may notice that I do not like to give press to any individual for their criminal acts. I don't think we as a society should give them fame of any sort for their criminal behavior. Therefore, I very seldom mention these individuals by name. Just my way of saying no to crime.

Football will come, and with the pageantry, and glory we all enjoy. It won't be so pleasurable for Penn State, it's fans, and Alum. The national sports media will ensure that. They will get through all of this, holding their heads up and with a little luck, their football program can be rebuilt with honesty and integrity.

It is my sincere hope that Penn State will become a "new" Penn State, and that all who associate themselves with that program can walk with pride and full respect once again. Until next time...