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A Few Thoughts on Saturday Afternoon

Good afternoon, everyone. Don't forget to check out our AU/UT basketball preview before the game today at 5pm. The men are looking to get their first road win since going to Hawaii and after losing two heartbreakers on the road against LSU and Arkansas, respectively.

Thank you to all of our followers. We have had a great first week and we plan to keep improving the site and the content. A few thoughts...

- People are quick to criticize when attendance at sporting events are low. We need to also be quick to applaud when attendance is outstanding. The atmosphere at Auburn arena was phenomenal. It may have had something to do with the opponent but it was a great sight to see. Our gymnastics team has gone from seemingly non existent a few years ago to standing toe to toe with the defending national champions. Hopefully they can beat Florida at home in a couple of weeks.

- I like to follow a few of the beat writers from around the SEC to get a feel for what is happening around the league. I have seen a few posts lately about AU being only a football school. They are certainly entitled to their opinion, but the Auburn athletic program's accomplishments over the last couple of years say otherwise. Since the spring of 2010, AU athletics has accomplished the following: 2010 SEC West baseball champions and hosted a regional, 2010 SEC West soccer champions, men's swimming extended their consecutive SEC championships to 15, everyone knows what happened in the 2010 football season, mens golf started the season ranked #1 in the country, and soccer won the SEC tournament in 2011. I would argue that we have had a successful last couple of years overall and not just in football.

- Baseball is starting soon. They started officially practicing yesterday. Like the last couple of years, our pitching will have to improve if we expect to compete for an SEC title. According to our own @AUPPL, AU has the tenth toughest schedule in the country. The SEC is arguably a better baseball conference than a football conference.

- National signing day is coming up and as we have documented here, it could be a great day on Wednesday or a "meh" day. We are in the top three for several top recruits and their decisions will make or break this class.

Have a great Saturday and War Eagle!