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Changes Coming To

To Our Loyal Readers:

Today is our last day as part of SB Nation. While isn't going anywhere, our five-year affiliation with the Washington, D.C. based company is ending. Without going into details, we've mutually agreed that it's best for both parties to part ways.

We'll be re-launching TET in the coming weeks right here at the same domain address. In the meantime, you can keep up with us on Twitter at @TrackemTigers or find us on Facebook.

We have big plans for the 2012 football season and all the regulars will still be here. I hope you'll join War Eagle Atlanta, Acid Reign, AubTigerman and KoolBell777 on our new platform.

Finally, I want thank you for being patient with us during the transition. We'll be ready to go by kickoff.

War Eagle!