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Position Battles: First Base

First Base is another position where Auburn has been spoiled over the past two seasons. With Kevin Patterson in 2011 and Hunter Morris in 2010, First Base has been manned by two competent and impressive field generals. Last year, KP manned the other corner an impressive 54 Times (with Wes Gilmer providing a spell only 4 times in 2011. So, much like 3rd Base, Auburn has a position where they can store a power bat.

What Auburn Needs at First:

Here's what I look for in a 1B. I want a guy with size. An impressive physical speciman who can bring a consistent bat (and hopefully some pop). The range doesn't have to be world changing (hopefully the 2B can make up most of the difference to the right), I would hope

AUPPL's Pick:

What if I told you Auburn had a guy who was bigger than Kevin Patterson and had a consistent bat and a solid (and error free) glove? That guy is Garrett Cooper. The transfer from Manhattan Beach, California, stands an impressive 6'6" and weighs in at 275 lbs. He comes with a ton of recognition and honor. Here's his bio blurb from Auburn

Hit .330 with four home runs and 33 RBIs as a sophomore ... 2011 Offensive Player of the Year ... Hit .378 with four home runs and 38 RBIs as a freshman ... Had a 1.000 fielding percentage at first base ... Two-time All-SouthCoast Conference (1B) ... 2010 SoCal All-Star ... Under Armour All-American

He didn't put up the best power numbers at El Camino. However, I think that's more a product of the league and not Cooper. The top HR Hitter in that division only had 8 home runs all year. Still, Cooper has a bat that produces and a glove that is solid, something that would make a perfect 1B. Plus, Cooper is a Junior. Honestly, Auburn probably only has him for one season. It would be a shame to waste him.

The Dark Horse:

Patrick Savage has been biding his time at Auburn for a while. Illness limited his freshman season and he couldn't really break the lineup behind Patterson last year. He's defensively subbed here and there over the past two seasons, but one thing is certain: He's got the frame, and he's been the understudy to two of the best 1Bs in recent Auburn history.

The Wild Card:

Craig Shirley. He's talented and has power. The size (just 6'2") shouldn't be a factor. I haven't seen enough of Shirley in the Fall, but just from what I read of him his senior year, I was and remain impressed. He came highly recruited and remained committed to Auburn. From Auburn

Hit .350 with 10 home runs and 38 RBIs as a senior ... 2010 and 2011 Louisville Slugger All-American ... 2010 and 2011 Dothan Eagle Player of the Year ... 2011 First Team All-State (1B) ... Hit .477 with 18 home runs, 72 RBIs and 48 runs scored as a junior, leading Alabama 6A high schools in home runs ... 2010 Alabama representative in Power Showcase Home Run Derby ... 2010 6A All-State infielder ... 2010 Max Preps Junior All-American.

He could provide Auburn with a secret weapon and might find some work at DH. He can pitch some, and when Auburn recruited him, they mentioned they'd like him to continue to do so. However, he seems more comfortable and more adept at First Base.