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Why Does Auburn Have a Chance to Make Noise at the SEC Tourney?

Look, I'm not going to sit here and say that Auburn is going to go to New Orleans and win their way into a NCAA tournament bid. The only way they could do that is by winning the whole thing. Stranger things have happened, as Tony Barbee has said, but a smart man would bet against it. Auburn does have the opportunity to get a couple of wins, though. In my opinion, two wins will get Auburn into the NIT. That would be a big step for this program.

I know, I know. "You have lost your mind," you say. I wouldn't necessarily disagree with that statement but let me make my argument. Auburn obviously has trouble scoring. By this time of the year, you are who everyone thinks you are. Auburn isn't going to go out and score ninety points every game of the tournament. What Auburn doesn't have trouble with, though, is playing strong, physical defense.

The beautiful thing about defense in all sports is that defense is consistent. When offense has a night off (especially in basketball), the defense can still win the game. It is much more likely that a team will have an off night on offense than it will on defense. Tony Barbee's two Auburn teams--while they may have been short on top shelf talent--have played hard, especially on defense. Getting the "50/50" ball can make a difference in a game. Playing hard and not taking a possession off will be key for Auburn to win one or two games in the tournament.

If Auburn can continue their trend of tough defense and learn how to deliver a final blow to opponents, there is no reason they can't win one or two games in this tournament. I think Auburn beats Ole Miss in a game that neither team scores over 60.