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Link sAUsage -- Aug. 14, 2012


Which players might make big comebacks for Auburn in 2012? | Saturday Down South

Trovon Reed and LaDarius Owens could be two players that bounce back from disappointing, injury-plagued 2011 seasons.

Auburn women's basketball goes 3-1 in Australia tour. |

We're not sure how good professional women's basketball teams are in Australia, but we won't ever complain about three wins in four games -- unless it's football season.

Reuben Foster has a giant Auburn tattoo, and his family plans to get inked-up, too. | The War Eagle Reader

War Damn Inkle, Fosters. War Damn Inkle.

GAH! AU’s 1977 Freshman Orientation Brochure (is the stuff of nightmares). | The War Eagle Reader

The guy -- counselor? advisor? -- reaching out will have you backing away from your computer screen. And what's with the look on his face? Is he disappointed or angry? We don't know, and we don't intend to find out.

In Week 3 of the 2012 season, Auburn moves to 3-0 and climbs to a No. 17 ranking. | Team Speed Kills

Auburn moves on in a tune-up game against Louisiana-Monroe. The upset of the week: Tennessee knocks off Florida.

What should A&M and Mizzou be wary of? Easy -- the early JP games. | Team Speed Kills

There's nothing worse than waking up after a long Friday night for an early Saturday game.

The SEC needs a college football playoff, because going unbeaten is getting more difficult. | College Football News

The addition of Texas A&M and Missouri makes the SEC even tougher, which means it's harder to get through the conference schedule unscathed.

Georgia folks think they should hate all things Tiger; fine by us. | Dawg Sports

Fair enough. We don't like Georgia, either.