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Cam's Poem

There are many words to describe Cam Newton.

Athlete. Entertainer. Icon. Poet?

Yes, apparently you can add poet to that list. The former Auburn star was back on the Plains today to unveil his Heisman statue in front of the stadium. Below is a transcript of the poem that he wrote and recited at the ceremony. Pretty good if you ask us.

365 days, that was my tenure
But for some strange reason it felt like I've always been here.

All the blood, sweat and tears it took to get this
I'll always honor and cherish this.

My road to the top had a couple pit stops
But during my time at Auburn the love of the Auburn family would not let my moral drop.

Greatness was what I strived for and greatness is what I got
The mentality of the Auburn man took me to the top

Some people will never understand the feeling of what it means to be an Auburn man
But I'm lucky enough to be able to raise my right hand and be able to say "I can."

My time at Auburn, I don't know if it could have been any better
Man, was it great.
We won an SEC title, a national championship
And, oh yeah, we beat that team, 27-28

As a wise man once said, "This place," as in Auburn, "was great way before you were thought of"
And this place is where I will always love

So as I share this day with two of Auburn's beloved
I want to end by saying "War Eagle" and "I believe in Auburn and love it."