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Finally -- Frazier Announced as Auburn's Starting Quarterback

Starting at quarterback for Auburn: No. 10, Kiehl Frazier.
Starting at quarterback for Auburn: No. 10, Kiehl Frazier.

In a statement that many felt was long overdue, Gene Chizik announced this afternoon that sophomore Kiehl Frazier will be Auburn's starting quarterback in 2012. Frazier was always assumed to be the starter going into this season, but as the fall camp continued without an announcement, questions began to arise about whether or not the former five-star recruit was doing enough in practice to win the job. Some outlets -- ahem, this one -- even began to wonder if true freshman Jonathan Wallace could pull the upset and get the starting nod. Thankfully, Chizik put an end to that ridiculous speculation by ending the quarterback competition earlier today.

Who knows why Chizik and offensive coordinator Scot Loeffler waited so long to officially give the job to Frazier. Some have claimed that Frazier has been the man all along, and that the drawn out competition was just gamesmanship by the coaching staff to keep Frazier motivated and possibly keep Clemson in the dark. Others believe that Frazier has struggled during this month's practices, and Chizik really has not been ready to make an announcement until today. Whatever the reason, today marks the transition from fall camp to Week 1 preparation. With Frazier at the helm, Loeffler can begin to build the gameplan to throw at Clemson.

Frazier brings good size, speed and a great arm to the quarterback position. What we don't know is how well he can read opposing defenses and whether or not he can keep his composure in the pocket. If he plays up to his potential, he will be a weapon that can drive the Auburn offense to the top tier of the SEC. Frazier has worked hard to earn the job, and now he must work even harder to prove that he is the right choice.