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An Unspeakable Tragedy

Rumors began to swirl late last night, and news quickly spread that an unspeakable tragedy had occurred in Auburn.

At first, students and student-athletes took to twitter with their disbelief at what they were hearing. The rumors grew and before long local news outlets had caught wind. Yes, something had happened. Something tragic and unimaginable.

Auburn Police Department confirmed last night that a shooting had occurred off-campus at the University Heights apartment complex on Longleaf Drive. That is all they would say. They would not confirm any details of the incident or victims involved until they had time to process the scene. At this time a press conference is tentatively scheduled for 1:00pm CST at the Auburn City Council Chambers for media only. Representatives from APD, the University, and the Athletic Department will be in attendance. The press conference will likely be carried live on most local news outlets, as well as 94.5 WJOX radio in Birmingham. Until then, you can get the latest information from WLTV's Christina Chambers (@chambc1).

In respect for the families' of those involved, we don't want to speculate on victims, suspects, possible motives, or other details of the incident until details have been confirmed and an official statement is released. We will update when more information is available.

At this time, please keep the individuals involved, their families, and the Auburn Family in your prayers. It is in times of an unspeakable tragedy such as this that the Auburn Family must pull together and lean on each other. This goes beyond football, or any other sport, and transcends fandom.

"I believe in the human touch, which cultivates sympathy with my fellow men and mutual helpfulness and brings happiness for all." -The Auburn Creed