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CaM BlogPoll Ballot | Week 2

Explanations after the jump.


LSU leapfrogs Alabama.

Despite what Nick Saban would have us believe, Western Kentucky is not a very good football team. Washington probably isn't very good, either, but the Huskies should be a little better than the Hilltoppers. LSU looked dominant Saturday night. 'Bama fans complained all the way through the WKU game about how bad the Tide looked, so we'll do them a favor and move Alabama down a spot.

Oregon drops to No. 5

Florida State benefits from the Ducks' somewhat shaky performance against Fresno State. Oregon is dealing with some injury issues -- notably, free safety John Boyette -- and probably isn't as talented as it was at the beginning of the season.


Georgia picks up a legit win.

We can make fun of Georgia's weak schedule all we want, but if the Bulldogs pick up wins in the few difficult games on their schedule, they're doing all we can ask of them. Kudos, #Dwags, on your win at Mizzou.


Meh. Are any of these teams actually good?

Sure, a few of them probably are, but there aren't too many outstanding resumes here. Most of these teams moved up by default, thanks to Arkansas, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Utah and Oklahoma State derping it up against inferior competition. With just about everyone playing conference games next week, these rankings should begin to sort themselves out.