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Choice Cuts, the SEC on SB Nation | Week 3

Each Wednesday, we'll feature a few posts from our SEC brethren on the SB Nation network. This week's links include an analysis of SEC defenses, a horror story from a Missouri hotel and an aesthetically pleasing A&M-SMU preview.

Defense Magic Quadrant Reveals SEC Leaders, Laggards | Arkansas Expats

BREAKING: Auburn falls into the "laggards" category.

Shame and Disgrace in the SEC: The Tiger Hotel in Columbia, MO | Dawg Sports

If you're ever in Columbia, don't stay at the Tiger Hotel. Just another reason why Missouri was a bad choice, Mike Slive.

Thoughts From The South Endzone: That's More Like It | And The Valley Shook

A brilliant photo essay of the Bayou Bengals' easy win over Washington.

Bold Predictions: Texas | Red Cup Rebellion

Someone at RCR predicts the Rebels will beat Texas. We'll have what that gentleman is having.

Georgia 41, Missouri 20: Beyond The Box Score | Rock M Nation

The Mizzou folks find that two enormous plays by Jarvis Jones made most of the difference in the game.

Tennessee Volunteers vs. Florida Gators Statsy Game Preview | Rocky Top Talk

RTT adds up the early-season numbers and finds that they point to a Tennessee win on Saturday.

THE TAILGATE: A Graphical Preview of Texas A&M at SMU | Good Bull Hunting

If there's a better looking game preview out there, we haven't found it.