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CaM BlogPoll Ballot | Week 4

LSU drops to No. 4 after its struggle at Auburn, but Oregon and Florida State earned their promotions.

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Explanations after the jump.

1. Alabama -- 'Bama has given up a total of 21 points this season and scored at least 35 in every game. Yikes.

2. Oregon -- Incredible offense, and now, the Ducks' defense is looking mighty good. Once again, the Ducks look to be the prime challenger to the SEC.

3. Florida State -- Was the Seminole defense exposed a bit, or is Clemson's offense just out of this world? Either way, Florida State will likely be favored in every remaining game this season.

4. LSU -- Auburn hasn't been very good this year, and LSU escaped Jordan-Hare Stadium with a 12-10 victory. Chalk some of those struggles up to a rivalry game in a hostile environment, but the Tigahs have to be better

5. Georgia -- The Dawgs have looked to be asleep at the wheel sometimes this year, but they were totally focused against Vanderbilt.

6. South Carolina -- Just about the time everyone was ready to start writing off the Gamecocks, they come away with a blowout win over a plucky Mizzou team. Lattimore still looks shaky, but a 20 of 21 performance from Connor Shaw is incredible.

7. Florida -- We knew the Gator defense would be good this season, but the offense seems to be coming along nicely, too. If that continues, this team could be headed for a December trip to Atlanta.

8. Kansas State -- Winning a big road conference game is never easy. KSU just proved that they are legit.

9. Stanford -- Was USC overrated, or was that a great win for the Cardinal? We'll find out over the next few weeks when Stanford plays Washington, Arizona and Notre Dame.

10. Notre Dame -- The Irish continue to prove that they have cured their defensive woes of years past. Notre Dame has allowed nine points over its last two games.

11. West Virginia -- The offense is great, but the defense has given up a total of 67 points to Marshall, James Madison and Maryland. Sounds like the Mountaineers are adjusting to Big 12 life just fine.

12. Texas -- It's time for the 'Horns to show what they're made of. Texas' next four games are Oklahoma State, West Virginia, Oklahoma and Baylor.

13. TCU -- TCU is a rare bird in the Big 12, bringing a solid defense to the table. How far can the Hogs go with their SEC-like attitude.

14. Ohio State -- Still unbeaten. Still looking shaky. Doesn't really matter, because the Buckeyes are still ineligible.

15. Clemson -- What does it say about the Tigers when their most impressive performance may be a 12-point loss. Scoring 37 on FSU's defense is no small feat.

16. USC -- The Trojans bounced back with a win over Cal, but all of a sudden, the upcoming USC-Utah matchup is looking a lot less appealing.

17. Oklahoma -- Chokelahoma makes an earlier appearance than normal.

18. Oregon State -- We though UCLA was good, so if Oregon State could put up 500 yards against the Bruins, the Beavers must be pretty good, too. They've shown that they can win in shootouts or defensive battles.

19. Michigan State -- Despite the loss to Notre Dame in Week 3, the Spartans should be a favorite to reach the B1G title game.

20. Louisville -- Louisville lost to Florida International last season, and the Cardinals beat the Panthers by seven. Improvement!

21. Ohio -- [Token BCS-busting sweetheart ranking goes here.]

22. Boise State -- [Token Boise ranking goes here.]

23. Northwestern -- The Wildcats are 4-0. Honestly, Northwestern has a pretty good shot at getting to 9-0 before the matchup at Michigan.

24. Rutgers -- By Ranking the Scarlet Knights, we figure they're due for a clunker against Connecticut this week.

25. Mississippi State -- Eh, why not. Aside from the Auburn game, State hasn't looked particularly impressive. Still, someone has to be ranked here.