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Link sAUsage -- Sept. 4, 2012


Scouting Report: Five to watch on Mississippi State's offense |

But a few lessons can be gleaned from last Saturday's blowout in Starkville. Mississippi State's attack was relatively balanced. Using nine different ballcarriers, the Bulldogs rushed for 202 yards, and a Tyler Russell-led passing attack produced 193 yards through the air.

Auburn defensive tackles carry battered ego into Week 2 | Opelika-Auburn News

"That’s very bitter," Whitaker said. "It’s very bitter. You wait for practice to start, you wait for Tuesdays and Wednesday, and you definitely can’t wait until Saturday. It’s just one of those things, you have to keep working hard and you’ve got to fix and make sure it doesn’t happen again."

Frazier says footwork fundamentals caused Kickoff Game mistakes | The Auburn Plainsman

"We played well enough to win, but when you get into the red zone it’s obvious to everybody you got to score," Frazier said. "We just got to make some changes this week so when we get down there this week we’ll be able to get six and not three."

Montravius Adams Takes In Clemson's Win Over Auburn |

"I like a lot about Auburn. I like the coaches. But I need to hang out with the players and see how they really live. I like them a lot, though."

Mississippi State hopes to negate heartbreak vs. Auburn | The Clarion-Ledger |

History shows it won't be easy. MSU has not won a conference opener since 1999. Seven of those 12 consecutive losses were to Auburn. But the last two wins by the Tigers? Those have been of the oh-so-close variety, and have long irritated MSU players, fans and coaches.