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Arkansas sports editor Will Gilbert loses mind, tweets stupid thing at Gus Malzhan

So ... this happened.


The Auburn Twittesphere was all abuzz Tuesday morning with the news that Cam Newton is enrolled and plans to earn his degree. Head coach Gus Malzahn tweeted the announcement, drawing a flurry of retweets and positive responses. Although, it appears that not everyone is happy to hear the news.


Yeah, that's not really cool. This guy, Will Gilbert, is apparently the sports editor at The Heber Springs (Ark.) Sun-Times. Is this guy still mad about Newton, or is he just a big Arkansas State fan? Both? We're not really sure where Heber Springs is, but if Gilbert is any indication, it's probably a great place.

Congrats, Will! Yesterday, no one knew your name, but now, you're Internet famous! Maybe when you're applying for new jobs, you can put that on your resume!

If you think Gilbert is an idiot that deserves punishment, you can contact the Sun-Times here. Or, you could post a comment on the newspaper's Facebook page.

Thanks to Kleph for the screenshot and info on the Sun-Times.