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Poll: Which assistant is the most valuable addition to Auburn's coaching staff

Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn compiled a great coaching staff. Which assistant is the best?

Todd Van Emst

Now that Gus Malzahn has hired all of his assistants, it's time to reflect on the Auburn staff as a whole. With such a great collection of coaches, it's hard to determine the star hire. That's why we have Internet polls.

Vote below for your favorite hire, and tell us in the comments why you made your choice. What are your overall impressions of the staff? What's more important to you: recruiting acumen or a proven track record as a coach? It's nice to haul in top-tier talent, but as the most recent Auburn staff proved, if you can't develop that talent, it doesn't do you any good.

Ellis Johnson has a solid resume at defensive coordinator, and Rhett Lashlee knows exactly how Malzahn wants his offense to be run. Dameyune Craig is a great recruiter and a fan favorite, and Rich Bisaccia brings plenty NFL experience. The rest of the staff isn't too shabby, either.

We'll have our analysis of the staff soon, but right now, we want to know what the majority of Auburn fans think.