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SEC review, Week 7: What's this 'Missouri' everyone keeps talking about?

We thought it was a Big 12 team.

Kevin C. Cox

Upsets were all over the place during Week 7 of college football season, but most of the favored SEC teams managed to avoid the chaos. Most. Georgia wasn't so lucky.

Alabama 48, Kentucky 7

The next time an Alabama running back fumbles in the red zone, Nick Saban is cutting off someone's hands.

LSU 17, Florida 6

Les Miles is the hammer, and coherent, verbalized thoughts are the nail.

Mississippi State 21, Bowling Green 20

Plenty of other Mississippi State squads have lost to non-AQ programs, so maybe a one-point win over a MAC team isn't so bad.

Missouri 41, Georgia 26

Of course the Bulldogs are the ones forcing us to recognize Missouri as an actual SEC team.

South Carolina 52, Arkansas 7

Don't know which is worse, Arkansas or Arkansas' decision to schedule South Carolina for Homecoming.

Texas A&M 41, Ole Miss 38

Two things almost blew up Saturday night: Johnny Manziel's knee and the Aggies' 2013 season.

Tennessee: Open date

After narrowly missing an upset of Georgia and watching Missouri finish the job, the Vols probably spent their bye week in their pajamas eating ice cream.

Vanderbilt: Open date

There weren't any black-and-gold fans at Vanderbilt Stadium Saturday, so it was pretty much like any other game day.

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