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SEC football review, Week 9: All aboard the pain train, Mizzou

The Tigers have experienced the highs of winning big SEC games, and now they know what it's like to get punched in the gut.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The SEC landscape didn't shift as much in Week 9 as it did the previous week, but another highly ranked team did bit the dust. Previously unbeaten Missouri fell victim to the dreaded scourge of #CollegeKickers in a double-overtime home loss against South Carolina. The Tigers are still in the SEC title hunt, but they're a loss away from throwing the SEC in to complete and utter chaos.

Alabama 45, Tennessee 10

The Third Saturday in October was actually on the fourth Saturday in October, and the schedule must have confused the Volunteers, who obviously didn't show up.

LSU 48, Furman 16

This game was 20-16 at halftime, so we're hoping LSU fans were liquored-up enough to forget the whole thing.

Mississippi State 28, Kentucky 22

Thinking about this game for even an instant is depressing. Move along.

Ole Miss 59, Idaho 14

Pretty sure Ole Miss players and fans were still hungover from the LSU win, which is fine when the opponent is Idaho.

South Carolina 27, Missouri 24 (2 OT)

Being an SEC fan is often one of the most emotionally taxing hobbies, a fact Missouri supporters learned over the weekend.

Texas A&M 56, Vanderbilt 24

Vanderbilt put up 329 yards against the Ags, a little more than half of Auburn's offensive output the previous week.

Arkansas: Open date

No word yet on whether or not the open date covered the spread against the Razorbacks.

Florida: Open date

Hope Florida fans enjoyed their bye week, because next up is the most disappointing Cocktail Party matchup in years.

Georgia: Open date

See above.

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