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Auburn vs. Arkansas: Bret Bielema takes issue with Tigers' game film

BERT has found a way to further piss off Auburn fans.

Sam Greenwood

Arkansas head football coach Bret Bielema, who got under Auburn fans' skin with his anti-HUNH comments at SEC Media Days in July, is needling the Tigers again. During his weekly press conference Monday, Bielema said he has contacted the SEC offices about some sort of discrepancy between game film Auburn sent Arkansas and the television film.

"There are just some clips that haven't -- shall we say, the TV copy doesn't match the film copy. And it's something we have kind of been aware of now for the last week and half in getting our preparation. So we can use other film and stuff like that to make sure we are getting the full picture."

The issue for Bielema: Auburn's "swinging gate" extra-point formation, which allows the Tigers to either go for 2 or kick the PAT, depending on defensive alignment.

Is BERT actually concerned with this formation, which has been used in every game? Is he just trying to mess with Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn and Tigers fans? Is he just a jackass? All of the above?

A few other interesting quips from BERT's presser:

"I'm sure it's a glitch. I know Gus stands for everything that's right." /rolls eyes

"Start off on offense, obviously, they run a spread offense." This is definitely attempt to needle. Another 300-yard-plus rushing game for Auburn, please.

"I really don't know Gus. Obviously I know the history. I've shaken his hand on two different occasions." Hopefully, BERT will be too embarrassed to shake Gus' hand after Saturday's game.

The best part of all this? BERT potentially violated an SEC rule by discussing his issue with the game film, per's Brandon Marcello:

It also appears Bielema broke an SEC rule regarding film exchange. "If teams believe violations of the video exchange policies have occurred, it should be reported immediately to the SEC supervisor of officials and not be discussed in the media," according to the rule in the SEC's bylaws.


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