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SEC football review, Week 11: THE GAME OF THE CENTURY that wasn't

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This year's edition of Alabama-LSU proved it wasn't worth the hype.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

Another week of SEC football is complete, and really, it was fairly dull. The biggest game of the day turned out to be a dud in the end, which wasn't much of a surprise to anyone outside of television marketing departments.

Alabama 38, LSU 17

Funny that Nick Saban had to use a gimmicky fake punt to seize momentum against an out-manned, two-loss LSU team.

Georgia 45, Appalachian State 6

The Bulldogs have Nick Marshall and Auburn up next, so it's time to mash up the "Mark Richt has lost control of XXXXX" and "Mack Brown recruited XXXXX as a defensive back" memes.

Missouri 48, Kentucky 17

Seems pretty low-scoring for a basketball game.

Ole Miss 34, Arkansas 24

Normal American Football (tm) is now 0-6 in SEC play, and with Mississippi State and LSU left on the schedule, Arkansas looks like a shoe-in for an 0-8 conference finish.

Texas A&M 51, Mississippi State 41

The Aggies' offense is still good enough to overcome its defense in games against inferior teams; we already know how the story goes when A&M is playing an equal opponent.

Vanderbilt 34, Florida 17

Will Muschamp, we hardly knew ye.

South Carolina: Open date

With a bye week, Steve Spurrier likely played golf Friday and Sunday -- so pretty much like any other week.

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