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Auburn 43, Georgia 38: Initial thoughts on the Tigers' win over the Bulldogs

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We don't know what just happened, but we think it turned out OK.

Scott Cunningham

Did you see that game? I did, and I have no clue how all this transpired. I don't know how Georgia came back, and I don't know how we pulled it out in the end. No words will do it justice, so let's just get to the initial thoughts.

  • What can possibly be said about Auburn's turnaround that hasn't already been said? Malzahn has taken this team from 3-9 to 10-1 and an outside chance of playing for a national title. Not saying it's likely, but think about the massive pendulum swing from last season. Gustav Malzahn is a football wizard.
  • Auburn will go to the ends of the earth to show just how much the "bend but don't break" defense can be stretched.
  • Auburn is still really good at running the ball, but...
  • Playcalling still gets weird at the most inopportune times.
  • Ricardo Louis is going to be a damn fine wide receiver.
  • Nick Marshall is, and likely always will be, a feast-or-famine quarterback. His success in the air during the first half is what allowed Auburn to dominate the Georgia defense. However, his inaccuracy played at least a small role in the second half Bulldog surge
  • 323 rushing yards is a pretty big number considering the lack of success in the fourth quarter
  • Defense struggled after the first quarter. Like, alot.
  • The line stopped getting pressure, linebackers were ugly all night, and the secondary was torched routinely.
  • Bottom line: We are 10-1 and AT LEAST Sugar Bowl bound.
There's really only one thing to say after a game like that.

War Eagle, all.

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